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Strong is Sexy and Here's Why ...

By Tara

You know the girls that lift weights in the gym and seem to have this aura, all knowing spirit; essentially the IT Factor that everyone seems to want. And they are completely sexy! These girls walk with their heads up and seem to own the world around them. They appear to have no fear, like nothing is holding them back. They go for it with gusto, getting what they really want in life. And nothing will stop them. For every girl that dreams big, embodying a grasp on bettering your health and fitness can make all the difference. So stop dreaming and start doing by lifting weights and becoming the sexy, confident woman you have always wanted to be. It is all within you, if you allow it!

1 You Will Look More Toned

You Will Look More TonedAs you lift weights you will become more toned in a matter of weeks and your results will inspire you to continue. Your hard work will pay off rather quickly as you notice your clothes fitting better and you will be amazed in just how good you look. Now that is definitely one huge reason to lift.

2 You Will Boost Your Metabolism

You Will Boost Your MetabolismLifting weights will help boost your metabolic rate and you will soon enough becoming a fat burning machine. You will burn more calories when at rest simply because of the lean muscle you will develop from pumping iron!


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3 Your Confidence Will Soar

Your Confidence Will SoarIf you want to feel like a star soaring with confidence, it is time to lift weights. Lifting weights will have you feeling super confident and for great reason: you will look and feel better!

4 You Will Lower Your Stress

You Will Lower Your StressThings that would normally stress you out will barely faze you. You will feel more relaxed and often appear cool as a cucumber because you lift weights. Lifting weights will help you to cope with stress more effectively. And you will fly high with happiness because you are not stressed out like the rest of the world!

5 Your Skin Will Look Better

Your Skin Will Look BetterThe natural glow you always wanted does not come out of a bottle because you have to create this from life choices. Exercise like lifting weights, eating healthy and drinking lots of water will help you to rid your body if toxins and you will have a natural beautiful glow that every girl wants!

6 You Will Have Better Health Markers

As you head to the doctor for your annual check-up you may be amazed yourself in just how healthy you are. You will have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, a healthier heart and leave the doctor feeling proud of your results. Guess what? You earned these results so wear them proudly!

7 You Will Sleep More Soundly

You Will Sleep More SoundlyIf you want to sleep soundly like a baby, then make fitness your priority. Choosing to be fit is a lifestyle choice that will have you feeling healthier, looking your best and hitting the hay getting a restful sleep. You will not have to worry about tossing and turning. You will be out like a light for the night because of your choice to pump iron. And you will have a more productive day following because you will be well rested.

8 You'll Boost Your Flexibility

human action, clothing, thigh, human positions, leg,Girls who lift are just as flexible as girls who perform static stretching-when they're lifting properly.

9 Improve Mental StrenGth

clothing, supermodel, undergarment, thigh, leg,Strength isn't just a thing of physical appearance. Though lifting makes you look better which gives you more confidence, you can improve mental strength by lifting and leaving all the BS you feel at the doors of the gym. Exercise gives you endorphins which will boost your mood and make you more apt to deal with things when you have an outlet.

10 You'll Strengthen Your Bones

clothing, swimwear, supermodel, gravure idol, thigh,Weight lifting strengthens more than your muscles-it strengthens your bones as well. Though people won't see this, it's actually quite important because no one wants a girl who's going to snap like a toothpick. A prime example is a standard curl. When doing this move, your muscles tug at your bones which causes new bone growth, only the new bone growth is denser and stronger; making you a less likely candidate for bone disease later on.

So look sexy, feel great, visit the doctor less, unless for check-ups because you chose to better your health and fitness. It is a simple choice, so are you ready to prioritize your health!

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