10 Exercises to Get You Tight and Toned Quick for Girls Needing to Look Good in an Instant ...


10 Exercises to Get You Tight and Toned Quick  for Girls Needing to Look Good in an Instant  ...
10 Exercises to Get You Tight and Toned Quick  for Girls Needing to Look Good in an Instant  ...

As a certified trainer for well over a decade, transforming countless lives, a fit mama of three with a fourth baby on the way, I have made fitness and health my life. I refuse to be out of shape and let the craziness of life push me to losing my fitness. But I will promise you that it takes dedication and daily determination. And knowing the exercises that help to tighten and tone fast is critical to see the absolute best results. After all why waste your time going through the motions when you can focus with targeted exercises that work to transform! So get up and get started with these super-effective exercises that will help you to tighten and tone fast!

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By making the plank part of your daily workout routine you will tighten your core, along with your shoulders. Just simply engage your muscles as your perform this uber-effective workout and hold for one minute. All you need is a minute to win it and take a step closer to your toning goals!


Squat Jump

Squat jumps are a super metabolic boosting exercise that can help to rev your metabolism and have you feeling at your best. To make the most of this challenging exercise, squat down nice and low and burst up to boost your calorie expenditure. Just remember you get out what you put in, so give it all you got!



Walking lunges through the house may seem insignificant but this exercise can actually be super effective in isolating the muscles of each leg individually. So drop your leg down and feel the burn both during and after this exercise. Make 3 sets of 18 lunges your goal for today!


Push Ups

Get in push up position and lower your chest down to the ground. To target your triceps move your arms closer and further apart to target the chest. This exercise will not only challenge you but also help you to achieve some pretty amazing results. So drop it low and give it all you got!



Running has been a part of my life for seriously as long as I can remember and aside from all the health benefits it brings, it can give you a rockin body. Take it from me as a mom of three, with a fourth tike on the way, running truly rocks. You will burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time and really push yourself to the max. Every step you take will give you one more step closer to your toned tight goal!



A vertical jump, kick out and push up: This all in one movement can truly challenge you and you will be amazed at just how strong you are when tackling this. This is a burpee and it truly rocks. Burpees are a compound exercise because they work multiple muscle groups at once. So get more toned in less time by performing this incredibly effective exercise!


Reverse Lunges

Drop your leg behind you and perform reverse lunge to work your hamstrings and glutes. To tighten and tone, you totally have to get in the zone to work hard. You get out what you give so give it all you got, starting today!



Crunches are a great way to tone your belly fast. There's tons of variations you can do on them to focus on sides, upper, or lower muscles. Mix all three and you've got a killer combo to have that ideal 6 pack in no time.


Tricep Dips

We've all seen the arms we'd kill to have. Doing this move is the right way to get them. Tricep dips work the back of your arms giving you those defined muscles and let you say bye-bye to that bat wing jiggle we all hate. Combine with push-ups for even greater arm definition and strength.


Spine Twist

Sit with your legs extended in front of you, knees straight and toes pointing up. Extend your arms to the sides at shoulder height, palms down. Twist your upper body as far as you can to the left without compromising your posture or shifting your hips or legs. Pulse twice, reaching farther to the left each time. Return to center and repeat the move to the right. That's 1 rep; do 5. This is great because it works the whole body-I'm talking shoulders, core, legs, back, and butt!

So tighten and tone fast with these super effective exercises. And make sure you make healthy food choices to achieve your goal of shaping up!

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