How to Fit Working out in a Busy Student Schedule ...


How to Fit Working out in a Busy Student Schedule ...
How to Fit Working out in a Busy Student Schedule ...

As a student, you may not feel that you have enough time to stay fit, but you are wrong. As a student, you have more time than anyone else to exercise. You can integrate healthy exercise into your daily routine, and nobody is going to look at you funny or make complaints. It is not like you are going to be doing butt-clenches at your desk at work, or running up and down the elementary school steps whilst you wait for your child to emerge. As a student, you have more opportunity to exercise without people thinking that you are nutty. Here is how to fit working out in a busy student schedule.

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Work out Whilst You Are Reading

This sounds like a dumb idea because it is hard to read and concentrate on working out at the same time. But, the key is to do small exercises when you are reading. Sit at your desk and do butt-clenches as you read. Nobody will see you, so you will not look nutty. As you read on your bed, you should use a grip-strengthening device with one hand. Sit at your desk and try a small foot-pumping device. If you do anything larger then you will have trouble reading. On the other hand, when you are working out, it is downtime. So why not mix your workout with reading.


Work out and Memorize Things

Repeating things aloud is a good way to memorize things, and even if your studies are based on research, there are things that you will still need to recite. Recite principals and tenants for each workout move you do. Every push up you do could state one of Newton’s laws, and then each subsequent push up could state his equations, etc.

You could force yourself to recite summaries of your learning principals for each move you make. For example, you could lie on your back and hold your legs up (working out your stomach muscles), and you have to leave them up as you describe the intricacies of a marketing technique. If you cannot then you have to hit the books and remind yourself before you do the same again.


Get Rid of Your Car

Walk with your groceries, or take a backpack and a bike. Or, carpool with other people in your dorm. Just do not have a car. A car allows you the opportunity to be lazy, so you need to remove the opportunity. Without a car, you are forced to bike or walk to your parent’s house. You are forced to walk to the swimming baths or forced to walk to your friend’s house. Sometimes it is just a case of forcing yourself that makes you healthier.


Be Sociable Whilst Being Outdoors

When in college or school, you will find that this becomes a lot easier. You need not have to go to the cinema or watch movies with friends all the time. Even in winter there are things that you and your friends can do outside. Even if you decide to go for a walk to the pond, you will feel the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. You are going to spend time with your friends anyway, so why not do something that is good for you.


Play Sports and Games with Your Friends

Don’t just limit your activities to Hackeysack in the common area. There are places to play games everywhere. There is probably a leisure centre near you right now, where you can play squash or go swimming. You will find that your college campus probably has a few places to play sports, and that there are local activity centres that have fun games such as table tennis.


Budget Twenty Minutes of Vigorous Exercise Every Day

Do not go beyond twenty minutes. If you do then you will start to lose efficiently and productivity. Perhaps a ten-minute warm-up first is okay, but just twenty minutes per day will soon have you fitter than you have been in years. Government guidelines say that all you need is two 20-minute sessions per week to extend your life. If you can get into the swing of doing this almost every day then it will get easier each time. You will soon find that you can spring into action at the drop of hat and feel no ill effects.

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