Lazy Girl's Guide to Make Working out Easier without Losing Results ...


Lazy Girl's Guide to Make Working out Easier without Losing Results ...
Lazy Girl's Guide to Make Working out Easier without Losing Results ...

Working out can be really hard and some days may even feel unbearable, while other days you may coast through your routine easily. So why are some days easier than others? You may wonder if there are things you can do to help get through your workouts seamlessly. And as a trainer I have great news, you absolutely can. Preparation is the key to a successful workout that will leave you smiling and satisfied. Simple thing like a dynamic stretch, proper hydration and the right fuel you can get through your workouts easier. So check out these videos to help you get started to make your workouts feel easier while still achieving amazing results!

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Warm up Your Body

A dynamic stretch can increase flexibility, promote relaxation and help you to get a great workout. In less than 10 minutes you can increase the blood flow through your body and set the stage for your workout. This will help you to workout with ease and confidence!



Even though this workout is short it is not completely sweet unless you hydrate because this is high intensity. Drink a glass of water before and after your workout to maintain your fluid levels and avoid muscle fatigue. You will have more energy and perform better as a result!


If You Need a Break Take It

When performing a high intensity routine like this you may find yourself feeling super challenged so be sure to break. Mini breaks throughout the workout can help you to exercise harder and avoid cutting your workout short. So let your body decide when you need to take a short pause, then get back to it!


Focus on Your Breathing

Focus on your breathing and relax and you work your stress away with this tabata workout. Breathe in as you engage the muscles and let out that breath as you let go. With each exhale let go of the rigors and worries of the day. You can get a great workout and achieve amazing results if you just stick with it!



You may need some caffeine if it is the end of the day and you still have to workout. So put on this 40 minute total body workout after you have your cup of coffee. Push yourself through the fatigue and you may even find yourself feeling a surge of energy midway through. Just go with it because every move you make will get easier if you just stick with it.


Accept the Challenge

Tired of hiding you midsection with high-waisted pants? Then accept the challenge and focus on leaning your middle down with clean eating and this great workout. Make sure to master the healthy food choices so you can make the most out of every move in this video!


Have Fun

Feel stressed, no more with this super jumping rope workout. Channel your inner child while getting your fit on with this super-effective jumping rope routine. With each jump you may find yourself forgetting you are exercising because you will have so much fun. So jump it out and have a blast while getting in your best shape!

So keep your head up and stop stressing, life is what you make of it so choose to have a super work out and get in your best shape starting today!

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