Genius Yoga Stretches for Girls Who Need to Boost Their Creativity ...


Genius Yoga Stretches for Girls Who Need to Boost Their Creativity ...
Genius Yoga Stretches for Girls Who Need to Boost Their Creativity ...

Stuck in a creative rut? If yoga is your thing (and let's face it, it definitely should be!)- and you're the creative type who needs some inspiration, try these amazing stretches! Not only are they good for the body, they're great for the mind, too.

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Easy Seated Pose (Sukhasana)

In India, Easy Seated Pose is depicted in some of the oldest images of ancient yoga. Also called “Simple Cross-Legged Pose,” Sukhasana is intended to be comfortable as well as calming. This simple pose allows you to focus a scattered and cluttered mind and once the mind is at ease, creative thoughts can flow through!


Reclined Bound-angle Pose (Supta Bada Konasana)

For this pose, you need to allow gravity to help in relaxing the hip flexors and relieving tension in the lower back. This restorative pose provides a hip opening, which can help alleviate stress- creativity’s stronghold. Additionally, taking a few minutes to relax and focus on your breath promotes clear thoughts!


"the Nalini Method"

This series combines 3 poses as part of a sequence, the first being Rag Doll (shown in the video). Rag Doll bends at the waist and folds over, elongating a crunched spine/hunched posture while increasing blood flow. And figuratively, it's as if you're dumping the unproductive energy on the floor! The second pose is Warrior 3, which harnesses balance and focus so that you're tuned-in to your creative side! Lastly, we have the Seated Diamond Stretch that will bring about new ideas- it offers a bearable challenge/discomfort, just like many creative, successful endeavors do!


Bridge Pose

While in Bridge Pose, engage your core by pulling your belly into your spine to support your back. This move boosts creativity because it stimulates the adrenal glands which help to energize and motivate. Not only will this rejuvenating backbend open your chest and keep your spine flexible, Bridge Pose will allow you to become more alert in mind and body!


The Goddess Pose

This pose, while somewhat difficult to maintain, is perfect for low back issues and tight hips. But gentle hip openers like the Goddess Pose, can counteract the effects of sitting for long periods of time and allows your creative side to shine! And of course it also feels amazing to release tight hips.


Lion's Breath

This "pose" is designed for those of us who need to release tension. Compare it to screaming into a pillow without the middle school flashbacks! Repeat Lion's breath (possibly while alone 😜) 1-5 times. You'll notice a release of anything stifling you're creative juices!


Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana)

The Headstand is a pose that quite literally, turns your world upside down! It brings blood rushing to your brain and through your spine. The headstand instantly opens a new realm of perspective, possibility and will unlock your creativity. If you're experiencing a creative block, hop into a headstand to see things from a "new" perspective.

Yoga is one of those activities that is good for your entire being: body, mind and soul! Try these specific postures for clarity of mind, increased creative energy and productivity- and let us know what you think!

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