7 Rewards of Exercising Regularly ...


7 Rewards of Exercising Regularly ...
7 Rewards of Exercising Regularly ...

Have you ever thought about all the rewards of exercising regularly? There is an endless list of rewards because exercising is good for you in so many ways. Did you know that exercising regularly lowers your risk of disease, boosts your mood, gives you a lean hard body and you will even have more energy? This should motivate you to find time for fitness. So do you exercise each day? If not, then why not? You will actually get more done in your day if you exercise regularly.

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Lowers of Risk of Disease

Lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and other diseases by exercising regularly. Make sure you exercise regularly (3-5 times a day a week for 30 minutes to an hour) so you can better your health for today and for years to come. This is a simple choice you can make each day that can better the future of your health through disease prevention.


Elevates Your Mood

Having a hard day and just can’t seem to shake the bad mood you are in? Get out for a workout! Exercise boosts your mood by causing your brain to release endorphins

(happy chemicals) in the brain. You cannot help but feel good after this production of endorphins so make sure you get your workout in!


Boosts Your Confidence

Have you ever noticed the overwhelming confidence of an athlete? It is larger than life and you cannot help but be amazed. Most of this confidence is from exercise and the other larger than life factor is because they are a professional at what they do. Find time for fitness and exercise regularly so that you can reap the rewards of improved confidence.


Removes Toxins from Your Body

Did you know when you sweat in your workouts you are actually removing toxins from your body? Rid your body of these toxins by getting a workout in 5 days a week, the results are well worth it!


Better Skin

Because exercise rids your body of toxins you will have better skin. Want to have that natural glow without spending hundreds of dollars on expensive creams, then make sure you get your workouts in. The rewards of exercising regularly are countless, so stop thinking about when you are going to exercise and just do it. Get out for a run, bike ride or hike today!


Lean, Hard Body

Make sure you add 2-3 days of strength training to reap the rewards of exercise. Strength training will help to tone and strengthen your body and give you the body you have always dreamed of.


Have More Energy

Want to have more energy and feel great? If you exercise regularly you will feel better, have more energy and find yourself actually getting more done in a day. As a busy mom of three and business owner, I attribute all my energy to finding time for fitness. No matter how tired I am I always push myself to get a workout in and I am always glad that I did.

Do you exercise regularly? And if so, what benefits do you see from getting your workouts in? Happy fitness to you and here is to a great day living life the healthy way!

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Hey! I play ice hockey, water polo, and lacrosse. Among other things .... It's fair to say I know about fitness, and it's GREAT. Work out ladies. A run won't do it. I recommend FitWoman app for iphone, check it out it'll help tons. Good luck

Fully agree on this one

I have never exercised in my life.bt i fully agree on this..can u plzz suggest ways so dat i can start exercising..??i wanna gain a little weight..:)

Recently I decided to workout everyday. It has been 2 weeks. I feel good with it. I follow some fitness exercises because I want to slimmer my upper legs and flat my tummy. I saw the result within a first week that I'm getting stronger and my legs is slimmer as well as my tummy. So girls, let's do it to get the body you have always dreamed of!!!

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