Try These Killer Kettlebell Workouts ...


Try These Killer Kettlebell Workouts ...
Try These Killer Kettlebell Workouts ...

Want to learn some great exercises using kettlebells to help you achieve amazing fitness results? Kettlebell exercises are a scientifically proven way to burn more calories and challenge your muscles to the next level, but not everyone knows what to do with these odd shaped weights. They've been used in military training for centuries and now are here to help you! Kettlebells are an effective way to get in shape and help to boost your metabolism. The kettlebell weights have often been compared to a bowling ball with handles, but do these weights work? Absolutely! Look at the amazing celebs that swear by kettlebells. And if you don’t believe it, try it! Here are the exercises using kettlebells that work!

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Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is one of the best exercises using kettlebells to finish your workouts that work your legs, glutes, and core. Make sure you avoid squatting when performing this exercise as that would be incorrect. This is an awesome exercise to boost your metabolism. So start out with 1 set of 12 and work your way up to 3!


Kettlebell Bicep Curls

A pretty simple exercise that ups the ante on your regular weighted dumbbell bicep curls. Just make sure you do not swing your body as this is an easier way to perform this exercise and the results won't be as good. Perform 3 sets of 18 and push yourself to a whole new level! And tighten your biceps as you lift to great results!


Kettlebell Triceps Kick Backs

This is a great way to work your triceps. Just make sure you perform slowly to get the most out of this exercise. And tighten your triceps to engage the muscles being worked. Begin with 1 set of 18 and work your way up to 3 sets to tone your triceps and increase your strength!


Kettlebell Wood Choppers

This exercise is great for working your abs. You'll get more out of it if you perform this exercise slowly. And tighten your abs as you bring the kettlebell up. Perform 1 set of 12 and gradually work your way up to 3 sets.


Kettlebell Lunge Press

This exercise is great for working the larger and smaller muscle groups at once so make the most of your limited time while working your total body. Just make sure you bring your legs down to 90 degrees and focus on form. Perform 1 set of 10 and work your way up to 3 to achieve a sculpted, sexy body!


Kettlebell Russian Twist

Forget crunches for a while and switch it up with this great move. I love this exercise because the kettlebell adds resistance and challenges your abdominal muscles. Try this for a set of 18 and see the difference for yourself.


Ketllebell Deadlift

To work your hamstrings, glutes and butt, the kettlebell deadlift is the ultimate exercise. Just make sure you do not overload the weight of your kettlebell for this exercise since it does require balance. I recommend to start with 5lbs and build up to 20lb. Have fun while challenging yourself with something new!

I hope you have enjoyed these kettlebell exercises and the videos to help guide you. Are you ready to begin a new kettlebell workout program to achieve amazing results? Then get working!

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