Grab a Medicine Ball for These Fun Exercises ...


Grab a Medicine Ball for These Fun Exercises ...
Grab a Medicine Ball for These Fun Exercises ...

Medicine ball exercises are used by fitness professionals regularly and for good reason, as this inexpensive piece of fitness equipment is so diverse. You can work your total body and focus on your core with a medicine ball. Medicine balls come in all shapes and sizes, with or without handles, so pick your pleasure. Medicine balls can be used in both cardio and strength workouts, so make this a staple in your fitness workouts and get ready to achieve great results. There is an endless array of medicine ball exercises that you can do but to help you get started, here are just a few:

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11 Minutes of Med Ball Fun

Check out this great video of 67 medicine ball exercises that you can perform in just 11 minutes. This fast paced video runs through these exercises and will help you to fulfill fitness diversity by changing things up. So are you ready to get started? Then pick up your med ball and let’s go! Repeat this video regularly to challenge yourself as much as possible.


Medicine Ball Personal Trainer

Stay tuned and get ready to get moving by following this personal trainer’s tips and guidance to help you get a great workout utilizing medicine balls. Make sure you focus on proper form and also choose the right weight of the medicine ball based on your fitness level and goals.


Total Body

Work your total body with these great exercises, such as the push up and mountain climber. To work your core even more and achieve greater results, utilize the medicine ball for these exercises. The medicine ball is one of the best fitness tools because it can help you to target your core and challenge your body!


Hard to the Core

Strengthen and tighten your tummy by performing the core exercises seen in this video. These exercises are great because they target the upper and lower abs. So grab a mat and your medicine ball and get ready to perform this video. This is a great video to get started with, so get ready!


Total Body Exercises

Try these full body slam and burpee exercises to sculpt and shape your total body. These exercises are challenging and you can feel the burn in your core. Just make sure you listen to the tips in the video since it is thorough in explaining proper form so you can execute this workout and get maximum results!


Work Those Abs

To target your abs, check out this great video that has exercises like the Russian twist and standing ab exercises. These exercises will target your abs and obliques so get ready to work on tightening and toning your abs.


Full Body Med Ball Workout

This 27 minute workout is challenging to the total body, particularly your core. Take your time and concentrate on proper form. You can always hit the pause button if you need a break, but to get the best results, take it in stride!

So now that you have a few great medicine ball exercises to break up the workout boredom and challenge you to new results, are you ready to get started? Then get up, get moving and use your medicine ball to shape and sculpt your body!

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