9 Plant-based Proteins to Help You Recover after Your Next Workout ...

You need protein to build muscle after a workout, and plant-based proteins can help. Most experts suggest you take in carbohydrates in a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein. This is essential to restore glycogen stores, recover properly, and build muscle. Unlike most traditional thinking, however, you can actually get all the plant-based proteins needed for recovery. Try out these healthier options after your next workout to boost your recovery speed the whole foods way!

1. Kale

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This dark leafy green is good for you in so many ways that it’s hard to count. This is one of the most surprising plant-based proteins, with one cup of chopped kale containing a whopping 3g of protein! That is pretty good for a leafy green if I do say so myself. It is also loaded with vitamins K and C to help with the oxidative stress after exercising. Let’s be honest though, not everyone wants a kale salad right after working out. Some people may grab chips or treats to reward themselves with, but there are still tasty and quick ways to eat kale. Buy a bag of kale chips instead of potato, or make your own in the oven ahead of time so you can grab them post-workout. You can also add kale to your protein smoothie or shake.

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