Ways to Take Your Cardio to the Next Level with Just 5 Lb Dumbbells ...


Ways to Take Your Cardio to the Next Level with Just 5 Lb Dumbbells ...
Ways to Take Your Cardio to the Next Level with Just 5 Lb Dumbbells ...

There is nothing babyish about light weights. In fact forget the hype because with plenty of repetitions you can begin to see awe-inspiring results. In fact, with just 5 pound dumbbells and plenty of repetitions you can take your results to the next level. It is all about what you put into each move. So get ready to focus, perform and engage. You do not have to be lifting heavy like a crossfitter to see definition. Just 5 pounds, focus and proper muscle engagement can help you well on your way to see a major difference in your body. Lose weight, feel great and see amazing results with these moves and do not wait another moment. Start right now!

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Single Leg Deadlift

Stand tall with a 5 pound dumbbell in your hand and touch your weight to the floor while extending the opposite leg out. This will take balance so focus on your core and work your arms. I promise you will break a sweat and feel the burn!


Squat Hold Extend

Get your body down into squat position and extend your arms. This is a super effective way to work the larger and smaller muscle groups. With just 5 pound weights you will boost your metabolic rate and feel your heart rate raising. Keep it up for 15 repetitions and you will be well on your way to great results!


Speed Skater

Standing tall with weighted arms, cross your leg behind you and switch. Repeat for 3 minutes as quickly as you can to raise your heart, put your body in fat burning mode and get in super svelte shape. Just remember you get out what you put in so put yourself to the max!


Lunge Runner

Get down in the lunge position and move your weights as if you are pumping your arms running. You will notice within a matter of seconds you are out of breath and you feel the muscles being worked. Pump your arms strong so you tone your upper body and hold your leg down to 90 degrees so you work your lower body.


Box It out

Box it out with weights to tone your upper body and put your 5 pound weights to good use. If you put effort into each punch you will see results from your efforts. As I box it out, I always think about all the power in my punch will be reflected in my results, so give it all you got!


Rotational Chop

Standing straight with weights in your hand, rotationally chop to work your core and take your cardio to a whole new level. Perform for 5 minutes to achieve fabulous results and make the most out of this effective move!


Split Jacks

Do as the video but add in dumbells. Standing tall perform split jacks with weights instead of moving your legs horizontally, move them forward to perform split jacks. Make a goal of 4 sets of 25 to break a sweat without breaking a bone. This will help you to increase cardio and achieve really great amazing results!

Five pounds to perfection is all that is takes to increase your cardio fitness and achieve incredible results. So grab your set of 5 and be ready to feel awakened by these great moves that will transform your body!

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