Ways to Take Your Cardio 💓 to the Next Level 📶 with Just 5 Lb Dumbbells 🏋🏼 ...

There is nothing babyish about light weights. In fact forget the hype because with plenty of repetitions you can begin to see awe-inspiring results. In fact, with just 5 pound dumbbells and plenty of repetitions you can take your results to the next level. It is all about what you put into each move. So get ready to focus, perform and engage. You do not have to be lifting heavy like a crossfitter to see definition. Just 5 pounds, focus and proper muscle engagement can help you well on your way to see a major difference in your body. Lose weight, feel great and see amazing results with these moves and do not wait another moment. Start right now!

1. Single Leg Deadlift

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Stand tall with a 5 pound dumbbell in your hand and touch your weight to the floor while extending the opposite leg out. This will take balance so focus on your core and work your arms. I promise you will break a sweat and feel the burn!

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