Sensational Exercises for Girls Who Want Chiseled Shoulders ...


Sensational Exercises  for Girls Who Want Chiseled Shoulders ...
Sensational Exercises  for Girls Who Want Chiseled Shoulders ...

Do you strive for toned and strong shoulders that look great and make lifting and moving things easier? Don’t we all. I’m on a quest for fabulous shoulders so I decided to share with you the exercises that I’ve found that work really well. Incorporate some of these moves into your routine and you should start seeing results in just a week or two. Try these moves in sets of 15 repetitions, adding more as you get stronger.

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You Can Never Go Wrong with Pushups

Here’s the great thing about pushups – they are incredibly effective, but you don’t have to own any special equipment to do a pushup and you can do them anywhere. Pushups engage the muscles in your shoulders and upper arms as you raise and lower your body, so doing them regularly helps increase the muscle mass in that area. Once you get really good at traditional pushups, try some variations to up the results.


Front Dumbbell Raises Are Great

This move helps engage your entire shoulder, helping tone and define it on top and all the way around. You can do this move at the gym or at home, if you have the right equipment. The trick is to make sure you are lifting the dumbbells, not swinging them. This will intensify your results and give you the look you want much more effectively.


Try Front Plane Raises for Mega Results

This is a variation on the front dumbbell raise and is great for girls who are used to lifting weights or whose progress has stalled using dumbbells. The basic execution is the same, but you’ll be holding a weight plate rather than a set of weights. Not only does this make your shoulders work harder, but you can often use a heavier pound load because you’ll be gripping the plate with both hands and using both shoulders to lift it.


Seated Dumbbell Presses Are an Ideal Choice

Who knew you could get such a great workout when you’re sitting down? This move provides massive results for your shoulders and you can do it while seated. In addition to helping you tone and shape your shoulder muscles, this move also works your upper back and arms for a well-proportioned and defined look that you will love.


Seated Bent-over Rear Deltoid Raise

When you bend over, your shoulders have to work harder to lift your weights so doing this move should intensify your results and keep your progress on track. Once you get used to it, you can increase the pound load of your dumbbells to keep things going and continue toning your shoulders.


Side Lateral Raise

This is probably one of the hardest shoulder moves you’ll ever do. All that effort with be so worth it though because this is also one of the most effective moves for getting your shoulders shaped and defined the way you want them. Start with a small pound load so that you don’t hurt yourself and work your way up to a bigger one.


Bent over Low-Pulley Side Raise

Here’s a move you can do at the gym to add to your back, shoulders and arms routine. It’s fairly simple to master and the motion of pulling the pulley out over and over is really great for shaping your shoulders and making them the ones you’ve been dreaming of.

What other shoulder moves do you love? Try kettlebells – they’re great for your shoulders. Which of these moves will you be adding to your routine today?

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I have huge shoulders 😂 I don't exercise or anything, they're just really broad and bony.

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