10 Ab Rehab Exercises to Bring Back Your 6 Pack for Girls Who Neglected Their Winter Bods ...


10 Ab Rehab Exercises to Bring Back Your 6 Pack for Girls Who Neglected Their Winter Bods ...
10 Ab Rehab Exercises to Bring Back Your 6 Pack for Girls Who Neglected Their Winter Bods ...

So you are out of shape and your midsection is reflecting this? Before you invest in some baggy shirts and accept the midsection blues, why not make a change? With a healthy diet, eliminating carbs three hours before bed and targeted exercises you can rehab and get your 6 pack back. You had it before so you can most definitely get it back with hard work, dedication and some major determination. But you have to get focused, get in the fitness zone and push yourself to achieve these midsection goals. It is all or nothing so get ready and give it all you got!

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The plank is an incredible exercise to target your core and really feel the burn. But to rehab your abs, kick it up a notch and perform shoulder taps while in the plank. This will help to accelerate sculpting the abs and really shred your stomach.


Reverse Plank

On your back, raise for the reverse plank to work your abs to further development. With a goal of just one minute per day, combined with healthy eating; you will retrain those abs and get that 6 pack back in no time. Just make sure you stick to a clean diet of veggies, fruits and whole grains!


Regular Crunch

On your back perform 2 sets of 18 crunches for 3 days a week and make sure you tighten those abs. To see great results you need to get focused and make a mind/muscle connection. So get in the zone and work your abs to perfection.


Steam Engines

Stand up tall and perform 3 sets of 18 steam engines for just three days per week. As you lift your leg and bring your elbow to the opposite knee, tighten your abs and get in the results-oriented zone. With hard work you can retrain your abs and reclaim your 6 pack. So get to it!


Jump Squats

To target your abs and boost your metabolism, perform 3 sets of 10 jump squats four days per week. Get in seated position and burst up with plenty of power packed in your legs. By performing a jump squat you will target your core and turn your body into a fat burning machine!


Jack Knives

On your back, with arms straight and legs straight, lift up one arm, leg at a time and fold your body. This will target the beautiful line that divides the midsection, the rectus abdominus. 3 sets of 10 should be your goal 4 days a week to see incredible results and also to feel great. So get ab perfection by putting in the time and energy!


Tighten to Tone

Tighten your abs while you are driving, standing in the grocery store and whenever floats your boat. If you engage your ab muscles you will begin to see more definition and likely even feel stronger. This is exactly what bodybuilders do and you can easily do too. So engage, tighten and tone to see the results you so deserve!


Cable CrUnches

Attach a rope to an overhead pulley. Grasp each end of the rope. Kneel down, holding the rope in front of your forehead, bend and curl your torso downward, rounding your back and moving your head towards your knees while feeling your abdominal muscles crunch together. Keep squeezing your ab muscles at the end of the movement for about 3 seconds, then release and slowly return to the starting position.


HAnging Knee Raises

If available, secure your arms in arm harnesses attached to the chin up bar, or steady yourself on arm bars for a reverse sit-up. Allow your body to hang straight down keeping your feet together. Then, curl your knees up towards your chest while keeping your legs together. Once your curled your knees up as high as you can, pause for a couple seconds while squeezing your lower abs, and slowly lower your feet back towards the floor as your legs straighten out, bringing you back to the starting position.


Exercise Ball Pull-in

‌‌Begin by lying on top of a stability ball with your belly facing down and using your hands, walk your body over the top of the stability ball while keeping your body straight until just the tops of your feet are facing down on the very top of the ball. At this point you will be in a push up position with your arms straight and your abs pulled in. Next, using your abdominal muscles, tuck your knees up towards your chest as the ball rolls in the same direction with the tops of your feet planted on top of the ball. Once you've brought your knees and the ball as far up towards your chest as you can, pause for 1 second and then slowly straighten your legs back out and return the ball to the starting position.‌‌

Rehab your abs and get in your best shape; it all starts and ends with you! So slim down, shape up and sculpt your abs into 6 pack perfection!

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