How Swimming Can Keep You Strong Even in Winter ...


How Swimming Can Keep You Strong Even in Winter ...
How Swimming Can Keep You Strong Even in Winter ...

Jumping into a pool might not be the first thing you think of doing when it’s freezing outside. However, there are lots of great places to take a dip where the water is warm and you can stay inside. Swimming is a great workout because it challenges your cardio, helping you burn calories and fat. At the same time, it works your muscles and helps you get lean and toned. Here’s how swimming can keep yourself strong all year long.

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Swimming Burns Hundreds of Calories

Like I said before, swimming is wonderful for torching calories. When you burn more calories than you consume, you can lose weight. Balancing calories in with calories out can help you maintain a healthy weight. An hour in the pool can burn up to 700 calories, making it a top notch choice if you need a new form of cardio to keep you busy.


Get Your Cardiovascular System in Tip Top Shape

Swimming might not feel as tough as a CrossFit or Zumba because you don’t get all sweaty. That might be, but you actually get a really great cardiovascular workout when you hit the pool. The way you must control your breathing while you swim is great for getting your heart and lungs into shape. This will happen over time so a consistent swimming routine is a good choice for just about anyone.


Your Body Can Get Flexible in the Pool

Flexibility is important for lengthening your muscles, which makes them work more efficiently. Swimming requires full range of motion all over your body, which means you can enhance your flexibility each time you get in the pool.


Build Your Endurance in the Water

Better endurance happens as your body is primed to take in oxygen at a higher rate. You’ll notice that the better your endurance, the better able you are to handle a tough workout, such as running or biking. Swimming is perfect for building endurance so add it to your workout today.


Make Yourself Happy While You Swim

Remember the utter joy you felt as a child when you got to jump into the pool? Trust me, that feeling is still there somewhere. Getting in the pool has been linked in several research studies to a reduced risk of high blood pressure, stress and anxiety. Swimming in warm water is especially great for improving mood. What better reason do you need to get in the pool today?


Get More Coordinated Each Time You Dive in

Coordination is important because it helps keep you from falling, tripping and otherwise hurting yourself. Swimming requires a certain amount of balance and hand-eye coordination and the more you do it, the more your overall coordination improves. Swimming also boosts your reaction time, which can reduce the risk of falls.


Treat a Chronic Illness at the Local Pool

Chronic illnesses can really make your life miserable. Getting into the water is easier on your joints, bones and muscles than other forms of exercise. People with issues like multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and other diseases find that getting a workout is much better for them if they can do so in the pool.


Make Your Muscles Stronger as You Swim

Muscles require action to stay strong, toned and healthy. Swimming works pretty much every muscle in your body at the same time, which is what makes it one of my favorite way to exercise. Think about it. As you move through the water, you can feel your arms, legs, core, back and shoulders all working.


Swimming Might Influence You to Make Other Healthy Choices

According to research, engaging in exercise can motivate you to make other healthy lifestyle choices. That might be eating more fruits and vegetables, quitting the cigarettes once and for all, or cutting soda from your diet. Try it! You’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Do you love swimming? Which of these reasons is making you want to dive in?

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Aw @Wendy congrats to your bub! I reckon these points are beneficial - I want to get back to the pool as it's been wayy too long, used to go consistently a while back and loved it (: swimming is the best!

Great points

I love swimming even my son his a little fishy 🐳

Btw my son is turning one years old yippie

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