7 Workouts You Can do in the Snow ...

If you’re anything like me, you dread winter because it’s so cold and the list of workouts you can do in the snow seems too small. Fortunately, a workout doesn’t have to feel like exercise. I jumped for joy too! Many wintertime activities are so fun they don’t feel like a chore, so they’re great for fitting in some exercise even if it’s frigid outside. Take these ideas for workouts you can do in the snow, and you’ll love the way you look when spring rolls back around.

1. Skiing

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While you’re swooshing down the slopes, the last thought on your mind is how many calories you’re burning. The truth is, you’re torching hundreds! If you’ve never thought of skiing as a workout, you’re in for a surprise. In fact, skiing is one of the best workouts you can do in the snow. It works your legs, abs and arms while also getting your heart rate going, which is how you know you’re scorching mega calories and toning your muscles at the same time. Now if I only I could figure out how to stay upright.

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