The 10 Minute Sofa Workout You Should do Today ...

By Holly

The 10 Minute Sofa Workout You Should do Today ...

You don't actually have to get off of the couch in order to get fit. You can move your body around on the sofa as well as you could move it around on the floor. That's why Pop Sugar has create a coach potato friendly workout that will only take you 10 minutes. So get ready to feel the burn with the video down below!

You don't even have to leave the couch to get fit, so you can't make any more excuses to put off exercising. Are you going to challenge yourself to do this workout today? You should!

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I love that girls sport bra from victorias secret I wanna buy it looks very nice

Looks helpful

Can't wait to try this! :D

now i can be lazy and hardworking at the same time 😂

@Wendy u mean the PINK sports bra? They are super comfy and keep the girls under control nicely.... Recommended!

Yeah if I try and do this I'll end up fallin asleep on the couch lol my mans name is gym wayyy better

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