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7 Sexy Swan Ballerina Body Workouts ...

By Tara

Have you heard all about the popularity of dancer workouts and wondered what all the hype was about? The most well- known Barre method, for example, is a dancer style workout that will help you progress to the next level of toning your body. The barre method is perfect for dancers and also those who may never dance but want the body of a dancer. So hit the barre and be ballet beautiful with these sexy swan workouts.

1 Get Sexy Swan Arms

Get sexy, sculpted swan arms with this great 15 minute workout by world renowned ballerina Mary Helen Bowers. This workout may look easy but once you begin you will be amazed at its intensity. Your arms will be feeling it in about 8 minutes and there will still be 7 more minutes to go. So try it out and you will see for yourself.

2 Get Awesome with Autumn

Follow trainer and 21 day fix creator Autumn Calabrese to get an awesome ballerina body. As a Beach Body coach I really enjoy Autumn’s workout but this ballet workout can challenge the fittest because it is stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. This lower body workout will help you get in shape and sculpt so hurry and get to it!

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3 Amp up Those Abs

Amp up your results and build a long, lean core with these great exercises brought to you by ballerina Mary Helen Bowers. Follow Mary with these tiny movements to challenge you. These movements isolate your body to help you be sleek and beautiful. Open yourself to something new to help strengthen your core.

4 Stretch It out

Follow these basic ballet stretches to help you achieve a ballet beautiful body. If you are not super flexible just do what you can. Small isolated movements and holds can help you achieve incredible results. Just remember to hold in these positions and extend yourself to get the most out of this stretch workout.

5 Bump It up Beautiful

Follow the workout done by New York City ballet every day for just under an hour. Embody this ballerina beautiful workout and really get into the moves. The more you do this workout, the easier it gets and you will feel smoother in your movements. So have fun and enjoy this great routine!

6 Get Sweaty Betty

Get a sweaty cardio ballerina workout in under 45 minutes in this ballet bootcamp workout. This workout is great to challenge your total body and bring out your inner dancer. All these movements will help your dancing by strengthening your body!

7 Barre Beautiful

Follow the high energy strength and cardio routine that mimics dancers' moves to help you get in your best shape. This video is awe inspiring and will get you moving and help you get in shape in 38 minutes. So keep up and get ready to take this next step to great results!

So now that you have learned a whole new set of dancer workouts to help you be ballet beautiful, are you ready to put your body to the test? Then get moving and try these great workouts. These programs will challenge in a different way to help you achieve your best fitness and health results!

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