7 Exercises Using a Step Bench ...


7 Exercises Using a Step Bench ...
7 Exercises Using a Step Bench ...

There are countless exercises using a step bench that you can do on a low to medium impact level, making this effective for everyone! This makes the step bench workout great for all fitness levels and the best thing is that you can go at your own pace. To increase the intensity, just add weights and pick up your speed of execution. And to lower the intensity, slow down and do not use weights. As for height of the bench, you can utilize a step bench with 2-3 risers or use a park picnic table and step it up there. So are you ready to step it up with exercises using a step bench?

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Bench Step Ups

As you step up, make sure that you are driving through heels as you extend the heel, then come down and switch legs. Perform 12-20 reps and 4-5 sets. If you want to increase the intensity, add weights! Bench step ups are one of the best exercises using a step bench to increase your heart rate, burn calories and feel great!


Hamstring Curl

To swap out your normal step ups and target your hamstrings, perform hamstring curls as you step up. Alternate legs to work the total body and step yourself to a fitter, leaner body! Perform for 4 minutes.


Plyo Jumps

To work your core and increase your caloric burn, add some plyos into your step ups. Check out this video to see just how to do this and perform 3 sets of 18. This explosive move will have you feeling the burn and seeing results in no time!


Integrating plyometric jumps into your step workout amplifies the intensity, engaging your core muscles and increasing your heart rate. It's a fantastic way to boost endurance while also working on your balance and coordination. Jumping exercises also promote bone health by enhancing bone density. Remember to land softly to protect your joints, and if you're a beginner, you may want to start with a lower step height. Always ensure you're maintaining proper form to get the most out of the exercise and prevent injury. Transform your routine by integrating these dynamic moves for a challenging yet rewarding workout experience.


Tricep Dips

Tricep dips are a super effective exercise for triceps and shoulders. Your goal should be to perform 3 sets of 18 to tone your arms and increase your strength. This is a great exercise to utilize the step bench!



Engage your core by tightening your stomach when performing a bench push up. This is a great exercise for beginners looking to work their arms at a lower impact level. Just make sure to focus on proper form as in the video and work your way up to 3 sets of 20!


Decline Pushups

To bump it up to the next level, perform decline pushups with your feet up on the bench. Lower your body down to the ground and tighten your abs. This upper body exercise is challenging for all but the results are well worth the work! So put your feet up on the bench and get down and give me 20!


Step up Kick Back

To target your glutes and put a spin in your regular step ups, perform a step up kick back. As you raise your leg to step up, simply kick back. This simple exercise does wonders for your behind and the best part is that you can actually feel it working! So kick it up and work that bootie!

Now that you have a few new exercises you can try on the step bench, are you ready to step it up? Then get up, get moving and get ready to step your body away to become leaner, stronger and healthier! Use the great videos to help guide you!

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