Outstanding Ways to Get Your Best Booty Ever ...

By Kate

Outstanding Ways to Get Your Best Booty Ever ...

There are many ways to get a better butt, but these moves are some of the best. By keeping your glutes in shape, they look a whole lot rounder and the right moves can even give your backside a boost so they don't look droopy and flat. Use these moves for a great butt and you'll be loving the way you look in jeans!


Lie down on your back, bend your knees, and put your arms along your body with your palms facing the floor. While breathing out, lift your bottom up to the maximal position and flex the muscles in your butt. Hold the move for five seconds, then relax.


Start with your knees and hands on the floor. Make sure that your back is straight and you look right in front of you. Personal trainers point out that if your back bends in any way, it may lead to serious backaches. Now, take a breath and straighten one leg back. Hold it in the upper position for five seconds and then put it into the starting position while breathing out. Repeat for both legs.


Lie down on your right side, with the right arm on the floor and your left hand on your waist. The right leg should be straight and the left one bent at 90 degrees. Pull your toes towards yourself and lift the left leg as high as you can. Do everything slowly and then lower your leg back down. Repeat for both legs.


Stand straight, put your feet shoulder-width apart and put your arms straight in front of you.Start squating very slowly. Pretend that there is a chair behind you until your hips are parallel to the floor. Make sure your knees don’t get further than your toes. Then pause at the lowest position you can and then get slowly up.

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A treadmill on a high incline works too...

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