9 Calf Exercises to Give You the Sexy Legs You've Always Dreamed of Having ...


9 Calf Exercises to Give You the Sexy Legs You've Always Dreamed of Having ...
9 Calf Exercises to Give You the Sexy Legs You've Always Dreamed of Having ...

You shouldn't hate your body, because it's beautiful. Of course, if you're self-conscious about the way certain areas look, then there's nothing wrong with working to improve them. If exercising will make you feel more confident, then there's nothing stopping you from slipping into your yoga pants and getting to work. If you're interested in improving your lower body, here are a few exercises for women who can't stand their calves:

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How to do a Calf Raise

For this exercises, you can either put your hands on your hips or use dumbbells in order to strengthen your arms. Once you're in position, you're going to lift up onto your toes while squeezing your calves, hold for a second or two, and then go back down. Just make sure that you keep your shoulders back, your core tight, and your back straight.


How to Get Slimmer Calves

This video will show you a few different moves that'll help you slim your calves. You'll start out by doing calf raises, like you learned in the previous video. Then you're going to do pulses, seated calf raises with weights, hops, skater hops, and squat to calf raises. All of those moves should take less than ten minutes to do, which isn't all that long. You can fit it into your schedule today, can't you?


Quick Cardio Calf Workout

This video is going to show you how to do ten different exercises, which you're going to be doing for thirty seconds apiece. It'll only take around five minutes to complete, and you don't even need any workout equipment! You'll start by doing jumping jacks, then move on to power skips, high plank toe raises, tip toe lateral jumps, squats and raises, wall jumps, log jumps, calf raises, and double calf raises.


Quick Burn Calves

You're going to start by doing a slightly different version of calf raises than you usually do. Instead of lifting up and then going all the way down, you'll go up and then half-way down. Then you're going to do another type of calf raises that involve pointing your feet out instead of facing forward.


5 Calf Slimming Exercises

If you have bulky calves and want to change that, then you should check out this video. It'll help tone your calves and slim them down at the same time. That way, they won't be the main focus whenever you slip into a revealing dress.


Calf Toner Workout

Here's another video that'll help you get lean legs by toning your calves. You're going to start out by doing standing calf raises, then switch to doing single-leg calf raises, farmer's walks, quick hops, plie calf raises, physio ball double raises, and then finish off with lift and holds.


Butt and Thigh Workout

The exercises in this video will target your butt, thighs, and calves. That means that you're going to be improving your entire lower body all at once. You're going to start out by doing basic squats, move on to alternating lunges, broad jumps, active rests, ski squats, high plank twists, and then do a whole lot more. Don't worry, you'll be able to handle it!


Calf Growing Workout

We always think slimming when we don't like something, but this workout is great for women who hate their tiny calves and want to get them bigger and stronger. A complete workout of different forms of calf raises to give you gorgeous calf muscles.


Seated Calf Raise

This video shows you how to do a seated calf raise like the body building pros. Seated calf raises allow you to focus on slow twitch muscles so high reps is recommended for this move.

Now you'll be able to get the calves you've always craved. Which one of these exercises are you going to try first?

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