9 Calf Exercises 💪🏼 to Give You the Sexy 😍 Legs 💃🏼 You've Always Dreamed 💭 of Having ...

You shouldn't hate your body, because it's beautiful. Of course, if you're self-conscious about the way certain areas look, then there's nothing wrong with working to improve them. If exercising will make you feel more confident, then there's nothing stopping you from slipping into your yoga pants and getting to work. If you're interested in improving your lower body, here are a few exercises for women who can't stand their calves:

1. How to do a Calf Raise

For this exercises, you can either put your hands on your hips or use dumbbells in order to strengthen your arms. Once you're in position, you're going to lift up onto your toes while squeezing your calves, hold for a second or two, and then go back down. Just make sure that you keep your shoulders back, your core tight, and your back straight.