Workouts to Get Back in Shape for Girls Who Put on Weight during Christmas ...


Workouts to Get Back in Shape for Girls Who Put on Weight during Christmas ...
Workouts to Get Back in Shape for Girls Who Put on Weight during Christmas ...

If you managed to pack on the pounds during the holidays, I totally get it. It is a seriously tempting time of year. But this does not mean you should accept this as something you have to live with. it may be the time to get up and get your body moving. Don’t fret about the number on the scale because with hard work, healthy eating and dedication, you can get in serious shape and defy your weight gain. Follow along to these videos that will guide you and get you on track to getting back to your pre-holiday shape. With these programs you will get in shape and may even find yourself feeling so much energy! So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to get moving?

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Burn 500 Calories in Just 45 Minutes

Putting on weight from the holidays can totally feel like the pits and you may feel quite discouraged but keep your head up. With hard work and dedication, you can defy this holiday weight gain and rest assure because I have great workouts that can help you shed. This 45 minute workout will target your body from head to toe and help you shed some serious pounds!


This 45 minute workout is designed to help girls get back in shape after putting on weight during the holidays. It will target all major muscle groups and help you burn up to 500 calories in just 45 minutes. The workout includes a variety of exercises such as burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, and squats. It is designed to help you build muscle, improve your cardiovascular endurance, and boost your metabolism. With hard work and dedication, this workout can help you get back in shape and defy holiday weight gain.


Cardio and Abs

Blend it up a bit for the holidays with this super- effective sweat session from fitness blender. In just 33 minutes you can get your heart rate revving and jump start your metabolic rate. This cardio routine combines cardio and ab exercises that will target your body and help you get back in shape after the holidays.


This 33-minute cardio and abs routine from Fitness Blender is perfect for girls who have put on a few extra pounds over the holiday season. The combination of cardio and abdominal exercises will get your heart rate up and help you burn calories quickly. The routine features low-impact moves that are easy on the joints, allowing you to get your body back in shape without putting too much strain on your body. With just 33 minutes of exercise, you can start seeing results and feeling better in no time.


Power Yoga

Power through to get in your best shape and ward off your holiday weight gain. Just because you scoffed down all your Christmas cheer does not mean you are doomed to being puffy. Sweat it out and shed those excess pounds in the process!


Tone Your Body

Tone your body and increase your muscle with this super workout. This workout is absolutely perfect for beginners because there is a great tutorial that lists out just what you have to do to burn fat and sculpt your body. So follow along and get to it, starting today!


Dance It out

Hip hop to it with this dancing abdominal workout. This is a great way to sculpt your midsection without the traditional on the floor abdominal routine. So whittle your middle with this super work out and get your dancing groove on while you are at.


This hip hop abdominal workout is a great way to get back in shape for girls who put on weight during Christmas. This dance-based workout is a fun and effective way to target the midsection without having to do traditional sit-ups or crunches. It includes a series of dance moves that will help you tone and strengthen your core muscles, while also improving your cardiovascular health. Plus, you can enjoy some great music while you work out. With this workout, you can have fun while you get fit!


High Intensity Workout

23 minutes of this high intensity workout will have you seriously sweating and burning lots of calories to help you kick that holiday weight gain to the curb for good. This is one of the many reasons high intensity workouts are a favorite among celebrities. So get your fit on with this effective sweat session stating today!


Bootcamp Workout

Last but most certainly not least follow this video of yours truly as I lead you with my instruction of lunges. Aim for 3 sets of 18 front lunges, then 3 sets of 18 reverse lunges. Follow this up with a 3 mile run to lose weight and combat the holiday weight gain!

So get on track with one of these workouts every day of the week and do not forget to make healthy food choices so that you can lose weight starting today!

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