Health Stats for Those Who Need Extra Motivation to Get off the Couch ...


Health Stats for Those Who Need Extra Motivation to Get off the Couch ...
Health Stats for Those Who Need Extra Motivation to Get off the Couch ...

Sometimes the scary truth is all it takes to make you want to get up and get moving. The truth is that a sedentary lifestyle is not a healthy one and can lead to all sorts of health problems now and as you get older. That’s why incorporating exercise into your daily routine is so important. In fact, most experts suggest 30 minutes of cardio most days of the week and two or three strength training sessions per week. Need a kick in the pants? Check out these horrifying stats.

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Fast Food Sales Are $110 Billion Dollar per Year

As you well know, eating too much fast food sets you up for obesity and other health issues. Most fast food lacks in nutrients, but is really high in fat, calories, sugar or salt. An occasional drive-thru meal probably won’t hurt you, but making it a habit sure can. You can suffer from things like high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Save your money and buy some fruits and vegetables instead.


Obesity Goes up Every Single Year

The latest stats show that a whopping 35 percent of Americans are classified as obese, with many more being overweight, but not yet in the obese category. This issue isn’t as widespread in other parts of the world, but it certainly occurs. Obesity increases the risk of a wide range of health issues, but can be easily battled with a healthy diet and lots of physical activity.


A Small Few Get the Right Amount of Exercise

Only about a third of adults are getting the recommended amount of exercise each day. If you’re sitting on the couch right now, you could be one of them. Lack of physical fitness puts you at risk of weight gain and all the complications that go with it. If you have a hard time finding 30 minutes at one time, break your workout into three 10-minute sessions instead, which experts say is just as effective.


Hours in Front of a Screen

Remember when you were a kid and there were no smartphones or iPads? The invention of this technology means people are spending more and more time sitting down in front of a screen, whether you’re playing Candy Crush, watching Breaking Bad or cruising the Internet for new fashion advice. The more time you spend in front of a screen, the less time you’re spending burning calories. In fact, recent studies show that many people spend more than 7 hours per day staring at a screen and that doesn’t include the time you put in at work. Put it down and go for a walk!


More than ¼ of Americans Have Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is a genetic illness that has no cure. However, many people who suffer from type 2 diabetes do so because of their weight. In fact, more than 25 percent of Americans have the illness, with many more being at risk of developing it. People die from diabetes so if that’s not enough to get you off the couch, I don’t know what is.


Being Sedentary Leads to Heart Disease

Stats show that about 600,000 people per year die from heart disease. One of the biggest contributors to the illness is a lack of exercise. Being sedentary doesn’t give your heart the chance to stay in shape. It’s a muscle so it needs consistent action to stay healthy. So get off the couch and get moving right now!


There’s a Higher Risk of Cancer

Several research studies find that a lack of physical activity increases a person’s risk of cancer. While being overweight doesn’t guarantee a cancer diagnosis, many kinds of cancer can be prevented by eating right and getting enough exercise. Yes, thin healthy people still get cancer, but the rates are much lower than they are among overweight sedentary people.

Which of these stats scared you the most? Will you get moving today?

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