You Can Use These Simple Tools to Carve Your Abs ...

Many women would call their abs a trouble spot and they are always working to make them look lean, toned and slim. Of course, you can do tons of crunches, but research says that's probably not your best bet. A lot of variety is what you need to get the abs you want. That's why you need to add these tools to your workout collection.

1. Workout Mat

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This handy workout mat is a great place to sit or lie while you do your ab moves.

2. Sit up Bench

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Use this bench to maximize the benefits of your sit ups.

3. Ab Wheel

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This handy little rolling tool will totally revolutionize the way your abs look. And it's so easy to use!

4. Pull up Bar

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Hang a pull up bar in one of your doorways and you have the perfect way to tone your entire midsection.

5. Stability Ball

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Anytime you balance, you engage your core. That makes a stability ball one of your best ab tools.

6. Roman Chair

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Experts say that a roman chair helps strengthen your lower back, which makes it easier to tone and work your abs.

7. Bosu Ball

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Much like a stability ball, a Bosu forces you to balance, engaging your core and working your entire middle.

8. Elliptical

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Part of getting the abs you want is cardio, which burns off fat and uncovers the muscles underneath.

9. Fat Freezer System

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You might want to talk this one over with your doctor, but it claims to work by freezing your fat and whittling your middle.

10. Waist Slimmer Belt

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This tools works by helping you shed water weight, for a short-term solution for making your waist look smaller.

11. Adjustable Kettlebell

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Kettlebells burn calories and tone every muscles in your body. Windmills and swings are perfect for working your abs.

12. A Set of Dumbbells

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Adding dumbbells can totally overhaul your abs. Lay them on your chest while doing sit ups or crunches and you increase the benefits of both exercises.

13. Heavy Bag

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Boxing is a great form of exercise for toning your abs and a heavy bag works great in your garage or exercise room.

14. Resistance Bands

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Resistance bands are perfect for strength training and there are lots of moves you can do with them to benefit your midsection.

15. Workout Clothes

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Wearing the right clothes is ideal for getting the best workout for your abs. These tights are great for running, yoga and bodyweight moves at home.

16. The Right Shoes

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If you're going to really work your abs, you need to do cardio, which requires the right pair of shoes.

17. Wonder Core Smart

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This tool works your entire core, helping tone all of the muscles that will give you the perfect six pack.

Are you excited to use this stuff to get the abs of your dreams?

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