Great Shaped Girls Have All of These Healthy Habits in Life ...

By Eliza

Great Shaped Girls Have All of These Healthy Habits in Life ...

It’s hard not to turn green with envy when you see someone who is really fit and toned, right? Instead of getting jealous, use her looks to inspire you to make better choices for yourself. There are lots of things that girls in great shape do to stay that way. You too can incorporate these things into your routine so that you’re the girl that makes everyone jealous when you walk by. Here’s how to do it.

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Of Course They Make Healthy Eating Choices

food, grass family, produce, baked goods, dish, Here’s a little secret that will serve you well throughout your life. When you make good eating choices, you don’t want to screw that up by making other poor lifestyle choices. Simply eating healthy can spur you to exercise and get fit and toned. Make sure you are eating a variety of lean protein, fruits, veggies, whole grains and low-fat dairy to drive your energy and protect your health.


Add Lots of Movement to Your Routine

clothing, image, vacation, photo shoot, model, Obviously you need to exercise to stay in shape. One of the habits that girls in great shape tend to have is that they make their workout a huge priority. Instead of only exercising when you can find time, make sure you schedule your session so that you are less likely to skip it. Start writing it down in your day planner and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get it done.


Create a Program for Your Workouts

clothing, structure, photography, room, muscle, Instead of approaching exercise as a winging it type of deal, create a clear cut plan to help you achieve your goals. When you have a well laid out routine for getting into shape, it’s much easier to get there. It’s true! All the girls in the best shape will tell you the same. If you need some help devising the perfect workout for you, talk to a trainer to help you figure it out.


Don’t Take Too Many Days off

underpants, clothing, undergarment, active undergarment, lingerie, The longer your break, the less likely you’ll return to your program. Extended vacations from exercise will leave you having to start from scratch. Experts say that you should never take more than three days off from your program. If you’re sick or hurt, your break might have to be longer, but if not, aim for only a day or two between workouts so that you can keep your progress on track.


Do Cardio and Strength Training

human action, structure, room, gym, strength training, All the girls in the best shape will tell you that you have to include both cardio and strength training in your routine. Why? Because cardio helps burn fat and keep you slim, while strength training builds lean and toned muscles. Combined, cardio and strength training will give you the body you’ve always wanted.

Famous Quotes

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

George Santayana

Limit the Wrong Drinks

hair, clothing, green, girl, beauty, Girls who value their bodies and stay in great shape limit how much alcohol, soda and other junky drinks they put into their body. Soda and other sugary drinks can make you sluggish and contain more calories than is healthy. Alcohol also contains calories and if you’ve ever had a hangover, you know how hard it is to get to the gym when you feel that bad.


Get Plenty of Sleep

furniture, room, pink, bed, product, No girl who is in the best shape of her life is pulling all nighters. Lack of sleep can keep you from having the energy you need to get in shape and who wants to go to the gym when they’ve only slept for 3 hours? Make sleep a priority and you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to find the motivation and energy to hit the treadmill or swing that kettlebell.


Invest in Equipment

clothing, person, muscle, leg, thigh, For the days you just can't get to a gym, fitness equipment will be your best friend. You don't have to spend a lot of money on equipment, either--it can be something as simple as a jump rope or free weights. Any workout is better than no workout!


Exercising when You're Sore

active undergarment, clothing, undergarment, underpants, muscle, Just because a past workout has left you feeling extremely sore doesn't mean you can take the day off. Don't intensely train when you're in pain--a light workout is all you need. It might actually make you feel much better and in less pain.


Stay Motivated

sun tanning, clothing, vacation, swimwear, sea, If you've let more than 3 days go by, you'll most likely get out of your routine and stop working out all together. Don't let this happen to you--stick with it! Write down motivational quotes and stick on your mirror for inspiration. Set your alarm across the room next to your tennis shoes so you'll be motivated to get up and workout.

What habits to you use to stay in shape? Which of these will become a new part of your routine?

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I only have like 2 of these and still in a good shape 💁🏼

Every one is diff some things work for 1 but not for other

Great ideas on how one can bring themself to becoming and staying fit. Good post. 😊

I agree and people who look good work at it so instead of being a green eyed monster go to the gym...NOW! End of!!! Haha just kidding but u get the gist anyway.