Bump up Your Workouts with These Killer Athletic Exercises ...


Bump up Your Workouts with These Killer Athletic Exercises ...
Bump up Your Workouts with These Killer Athletic Exercises ...

You do not have to be a professional athlete to exercise like one. Bump up the intensity of your workouts with these super agility, stretching and strength moves. Follow along with these tips and work hard to get in your best shape. Are you ready to prove your athletic potential? Then lace up your kicks and get ready to work hard to achieve amazing results.

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Train like an Athlete

Increase your agility and get in your best shape training like an athlete. Agility requires speed, power and special awareness. These killer athletic exercises will help you get in super fit shape and also looking your best. So follow the tips in this video led by trainer Kai Wheeler!


Stretch It out

Awaken your body and loosen up with these super athletic stretches. Most athletes have tight glutes and hamstrings so it is ultra -important to stretch out to prevent injury. Follow along with these tips and make sure to take time to stretch. Injury prevention is key to fitness and health success.


Test Yourself

Test your athleticism with an upper and lower body explosive test. Amplify your energy with this super test. Pick one of the 3 levels and test yourself. Have fun while you bring out your inner athlete. Are you ready for the challenge? Then just do it!


Six Fundamental Movements

Squat, Deadlift, Push, Pull, Lunge and Twist are the 6 fundamental moves that every athlete or athlete wannabe should master to make the most out of their workouts. Follow the tips in this video to channel your inner athlete while helping to prevent an injury. This guy means some serious business and he knows what he is talking about so listen up and get moving!


Follow These Five

Follow these five body weight athletic exercises to reach your inner fitness goddess and get in your best shape. These exercises are great because all you need is yourself, no outside equipment necessary. So listen up to these tips and remember to perform these exercises deliberately isolating the targeting muscles that you are working. And no excuses, you must have fun because getting in shape rocks!


Jump to It

Maybe it is just me but this music made we want to move and kick some major butt. Try this box jump along with a host of other plyometric exercises like the jump squat. These exercises will bring your training to the next level and definitely amplify the intensity! Are you ready to jump yourself to the best athletic shape?


Lunge and Burpee

You can’t get any more athletic in your exercise than performing lunges and burpees. These two exercises are great for your lower body and core. Add in weights when performing the lunge and you can work your upper body as well. This video is led by yours truly to help you get in your best shape! Aim to perform 3 sets of 18 lunges and a 2-3 minute plank. Combine this with a run and you will get a great cardio and resistance workout!

Hope you have enjoyed all these athletic exercises that can help you find your inner fit. Are you ready to change your life? Then start eating healthier and follow these athletic videos so that you can achieve a killer shape! And in the process you will better your health too!

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Seriously please stop with the very underweight models!


I agree these ladies don't look like athletes just underweight mods that look ok in work out clothes ... Use real women

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