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The Perks of Being Competitive when It Comes to Working out ...

By Tara

When you are competitive you will find yourself pushing in everything you do. You will work harder, never go half way and always finish what you started. If you are competitive you will find yourself sprinting at the end of ever workout and finishing sweaty and satisfied. You will put 100% into everything you do. And on an off day instead of taking it easy you will work harder. Motivation will be part of your every day and you will always be up for a new challenge. A true competitor works at being better every single day.

1 You Will Work Harder

You Will Work Harder As you begin your workout you will not baby your body and tip toe around fitness. You will finish an active warm up and get into your routine pronto. You will work harder with every move and by standers will be amazed at your intensity!

2 You Will Sweat More

You Will Sweat More You will sweat more than the other gym goers around you and put every ounce of energy into your fitness moves. As the beads of sweat roll down your face you will feel satisfied that you gave it all that you got!

3 You Will Stay Motivated

You Will Stay Motivated AS you rise early to get your workout in you will have no problem leaving your warm, cozy bed to pound the pavement in the cool outdoors. You are a competitor so you never talk yourself out of a workout. It is all about you and working harder each time. Conquering your last running time and make new goals!

4 You Will Never Give up

You Will Never Give up Even on your off days when your body is tired you never give up. As a competitor the very nature inside you is being driven and having the will to never give up. You deserve to achieve everything you wish in both fitness and life. And you will achieve this through your hard work!

5 When You Fall down You Will Get Back up

When You Fall down You Will Get Back up As you run a race and notice your time is not where you want it to be, you do not let this get you down. You get right back to training, workout harder so that you can achieve your goal. You do not look at this as a setback but more motivation to work harder towards your goal.

6 You Will Keep Setting New Goals

You Will Keep Setting New Goals With your competitive nature you constantly set new fitness goals not for a race but just for you. You cannot help but work harder in every fitness workout that you do. And achieving new goals is just part of who you are.

7 You Will Always Be up for a Challenge

You Will Always Be up for a Challenge You are always up for a fitness challenge to conquer. You do let fear control you because you know that you can create your own destiny. And you are not afraid to put in the time, energy and dedication to achieve your fitness goals. You understand that hard work pays off in every fitness accomplishment that you achieve!

So go out and be your bright, beautiful and competitive self. Smash your goals and conquer your fears by achieving the very best you every single day!

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