Put Your Fitness to the Test with These Challenges Fitness ...


Put Your Fitness to the Test with These Challenges Fitness ...
Put Your Fitness to the Test with These Challenges Fitness ...

Wondering if you are in good shape and can hold your own when it comes to fitness? Great fitness is about having muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and pushing yourself to your own limits. Or are you out of shape right now and just not feeling at your peak? Well stop wondering and get to work by putting your body to the test. So do you have what it takes when it comes to fitness? Well let me help you to find out with these tests that will challenge you and help you to where you stand!

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2 Mile Run

The military does this and even some physical jobs, so why not put your body to the test with a 2 mile run. Do not just make this a stroll in the park but run your best and track your time. If you are unhappy with the results, repeat this test in 4 weeks after training with runs 3 days a week. How cardio healthy are you? Prove it in your run!


Rock Climbing Wall

Put your strength and endurance to the test by heading to the nearest climbing wall and going for the top! This may not be an easy feat but if you make it to the top, you will be so proud that you did! Sometimes the hardest things to do in life are the ones most worth it!


Sign up for Bootcamp

Have you ever wanted to sign up for a class where you learn the fundamentals of fitness, get to work with a trainer and work with other members to push your own limits? Well you can most certainly do all of this if you register for a one month bootcamp. As a bootcamp organizer for almost a decade I can guarantee you will be amazed in your strength gains and progression from day one to day 30.


Register for a 5k

Register for a local 5k to support a charity while putting your fitness to the test. You may feel like this race is a breeze or realize just how much work you have to do to get to the fitness level you want to. Either way, be up for a great challenge of fitness for a great cause!


Give up Refined Sweets

Okay so we all like the occasional treat but unfortunately this can cause weight gain and a host of illnesses. So try to give up all refined sweets for one month: stick to only fruits since this is all natural. You may be surprised when your body no longer craves the sweet taste in processed and refined sugar sweets and your apple really will satisfy your sweet tooth!


Perform Every Push up Variation

Want to test your upper body strength and see if you can hold your own? Then attempt every push up variation; diamonds, wide arm, military, standard and any other you know of. Since push up variations work different muscles of the arms you may be surprised that just because you can do one does not mean you can do them all. Keep track of which you can do and which you can’t. And make your weakness your strengths with practice!


Perform or Work to Perform a Pull up

Pull ups are pretty much the ultimate test to upper body and core strength but since so many lack in this area, few can perform more than a few, if any at all. So attempt a pull up or chin up and see what your baseline of fitness is. Where are you and how far do you have to go?

So after you can completed each of these challenges take notes and every 4 weeks repeat to track your progress. Just make sure you train in between. You get out what you put in so give it all you got!!

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