Tips to Help Even the Busiest of Girls Find Time to Work out ...


Tips to Help Even the Busiest of Girls  Find Time to Work out ...
Tips to Help Even the Busiest of Girls  Find Time to Work out ...

If you are busy as hell and feel like the daily reason for missing your workout is lack of time, you should read on. In a world of constant demands, deadlines, work and everything in between, sometimes our fitness session gets pushed to the back burner. As you look at all the reasons you miss your workout, maybe you failed to look at the biggest reason: lack of priority. If you prioritize your workout you will find time. Where there is the will, there is the way. But before you fret further let me share with you how you can find time. As a mother of three, with a 4th child on the way, even with a full schedule of work and life demands, I find time for fitness daily and so can you. Here is the way to find time for your fitness:

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Early Bird Gets the 6 Pack

Early Bird Gets the 6 Pack Rise and sweat early with your workout by getting up just for your fitness session. If you wake up to work out, you will have more energy and it will become part of your daily routine. In a matter of weeks you will find yourself actually craving your early morning workout.


Squeeze It in on Lunch Break

Squeeze It in on Lunch Break To break up the monotony of your day, awaken your senses and become way more alert; go for a mid-day workout session. Before you eat lunch, exercise for a short fitness session and you will find time to work out. You will also spend less time munching and make the most out of every possible fitness moment!


Intermittently Throughout the Day

Intermittently Throughout the Day Whenever you are free throughout the day, go for a short 10 minute workout session. Three short fitness sessions can be the answer for you to find time to get your workout in and you will also boost your metabolism. So squeeze in short sessions and just get it in!


Set a Schedule

Set a Schedule Set a firm schedule that includes your exercise sessions and make this a non-negotiable part of your day, almost like a doctor’s appointment. When other commitments present themselves make sure you do not set any activities during this time. This is your fitness schedule and you will let nothing get in your way of you getting a great workout!


Meet a Friend for a Workout

Meet a Friend for a Workout Catch up with a friend to catch your breath with a really great workout. There is no better bonding than what is done through a workout. So make plans with a different friend several days a week, work out together and get a little socialization at the same time! It is also another way to make a commitment to someone other than yourself to work out!


Every Little Bit Counts

Every Little Bit Counts When time is of the essence and you feel like everything is going wrong, have no worries and squeeze it in when you can. A little bit here, some more there, make the most out of every fitness moment and do what you can. When you take the stairs for work, add a few more sets of stairs and you have a few minutes there. Instead of walking sluggishly to your destination, sprint. Make every step count and get moving!


Sign up for a Workout Class

Sign up for a Workout Class Make a commitment and sign up for a workout class and I do not mean the class that is included in your gym membership. I run a bootcamp class and I have my members make 95% of the class because they are paying for this. Just paying for something is an initial commitment. And regardless if you are busy, you will find time to work out if you make the commitment both mentally and physically.


Have Reasonable Goals

human action, person, clothing, hairstyle, muscle, If you make goals for yourself, you'll be more likely to follow through and work out. Tell yourself you'll work out at least 3 days a week. Or tell yourself you'll spend X amount of hours a week working out. If you want it. Ad enough you'll make it happen no matter what.


Build a Home Gym

muscle, physical fitness, thigh, abdomen, ati, You don't need to spend thousands on equipment to build a home gym. Find stuff on garage sale sites or Craigslist. Buy a few small dumbbells and an exercise ball. There are even tons of sites online to find body weight workouts to do at home. That way you don't need to worry about making it to the gym and you have no excuse not to get it done while watching tv or something.


Make It FUn

human action, athletics, sports, sprint, heptathlon, If you find something you enjoy doing, it won't seem like exercise and you'll enjoy it more, making you want to do it. You'll be more willing rearrange your schedule to fit it in if you don't look at it as an obligation and begin to look at it as a new hobby.

So regardless of your busy schedule make time for what is really important and commit to your health starting today. Are you ready to change your life for the better?

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