7. Swanson Vitamins Grass- Fed Whey Protein

Swanson Vitamins Grass- Fed Whey Protein

For 17 grams of pure grass-fed protein with no nasty fillers, hormones or artificial sweeteners, you can’t beat this price! It contains 18 servings per container, which is cheaper than most other brands out there. It has no MSG, casein, yeast, soy or lactose, along with no other fishy ingredients. It comes from grass-fed cows in New Zealand and has added enzymes to help with digestion and absorption. I highly recommend trying it if you are new to the Swanson Vitamins brand.

They have been one of my favorite health food companies for quite some time and to beat all, their shipping is inexpensive, fast and reliable. You can buy 15 ounces for $15.99.

Protein powders are truly one of the easiest ways to get nutrition into your diet. If you’re new to using them, I highly suggest picking up a sample or small container of one of the above brands to try. I promise you, you’ll grow to love them as much as I do, and if you’re vegan, consider implementing in plant-based sources instead of whey protein. Do you use protein powders like whey protein powder? If so, what are your requirements for a “clean” protein powder profile?

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