7 Ways to Be More Active Every Day outside of Exercise ...

By Heather

7 Ways to Be More Active Every Day outside of Exercise ...

Whether you love or hate exercise, there are plenty of ways to be more active every day than just hitting the treadmill. I enjoy being active and always feel better when I am. If you’re the same, but tired of hitting the gym, then check out some of these ways to be more active every day. It doesn’t always require a treadmill or weight machine to count as physical fitness!

Table of contents:

  1. house chores
  2. walk to work
  3. cooking
  4. shopping
  5. volunteer somewhere
  6. stand more at home
  7. find hobbies

1 House Chores

I like to clean house a good bit because I’m a bit of a neat freak, but it’s also one of the simplest and most productive ways to be more active every day. Sure, you probably don’t have time to do a full fledged cleaning every single day, of course, but taking 30 minutes each day to tidy your home, do laundry, wash dishes, straighten the kitchen, vacuum, dust, etc., are all great ways to keep your home in order and be active too.

2 Walk to Work

If you live within several blocks of your place of employment, consider walking to work. Recent studies show that those that do so actually weigh less for life than those who drive to work, even though their diets weren’t altered at all. Just walking a couple of blocks can burn over 200 calories, which could equal a 5-10 pound loss per year. People who live in cities where walking to work is normal, such as New York, are also much healthier and more active than those that drive in their cars all day. Walking to work is a great idea to try, even if you just do it three days a week to start.

3 Cooking

Believe it or not, cooking burns a ton of calories. All that bending, stirring, chopping and mixing is actually a great way to stay on your feet. Just be sure you’re making something healthy, and don’t eat the whole time you do it!

4 Shopping

Oh, now this one is my favorite! Here’s one great way to be active- shopping! Whether it’s for everyday essentials like groceries or goods for your home, shopping is a phenomenal way to burn calories and stay active. Try to run your errands in the middle of your day, such as your lunch break if you can. It gives you a daily time to get up and be active if you work all day, and can help give you more time at home with your family or friends in the evening.

5 Volunteer Somewhere

If you have some free time on your hands, also consider spending an hour or two a day, or a few hours a week somewhere as a volunteer. This is a great way to be active and engage in the community around you. If you don’t have time during the week, consider the weekend.

6 Stand More at Home

A really simple tip to be more active is to just stand more than you sit at home. While on the phone, talking with a loved one or working from home are all great times to stand more than you sit. If you work from home, create an area you can turn into a stand up desk to work from. I actually work from my kitchen table most of the day, which is a buffet style table, and is the perfect height to type from. You could even use a countertop, or other height appropriate shelf in your home to work from too. Another option is to actually make an at home desk, which many people now have at their places of employment. This burns three times more calories than sitting per day, and sitting consistently is one of the worst things to do for your health.

7 Find Hobbies

I’ve always had several hobbies at home to keep me busy, and they’re a great way to stay active at home too. Instead of watching television, take up a hobby and try to make sure it’s one you can do standing up, or in another way than sitting down. Cooking, writing, scrapbooking, decorating, etc. are all great ideas that can be done standing up and are fantastic ways to stay active.

Other options for staying active include simply walking around your block, or spending time outdoors with your dog, friends or family. Anything that allows you to move and be active counts! Do you have a favorite activity to help you stay active outside of exercise?

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