7 Fitness Tips That I Live by Religiously ...

As a lifelong fitness enthusiast and a motivating trainer I have fitness tips to live by that I embody in everything that I do. These tips can make a difference in your weight loss, energy levels and even athletic performance. So test my fitness tips by utilizing them in your life. Here are fitness tips to live by that I cannot live without:

1. Set Your Priorities Straight

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I exercise at different times every day because of my ultra-busy schedule but I prefer to exercise in the morning. Occasionally other priorities such as children’s sports games, work or other events change my workout time and I am okay with this. But I always find time for exercise and this is one of the best fitness tips to live by.

2. Plan out Your Food the Day before

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In you plan your food the day before, you will have less of a chance to deviate off your healthy eating plan. I often make my salads the day before so my afternoon eating is easier and I stay on track to meet my nutritional demands. Plan all your meals at least a day in advance so you have plenty of healthy food on hand.

3. All or Nothing

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I give it my all in every workout that I do. Why bother if you are not going to work hard? Know your body and obviously do not push to exhaustion, but you should finish your workouts, sweaty, challenged and in need of a shower. After you shower you will have a surge of energy from the workout you have accomplished.

4. Have Fun

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Often we get so caught up with our workout schedules that we forget to just have fun. I sometimes put on a television show as I exercise, or pump up the radio to enjoy some jams while I do some lunges. Whatever you choose to do, do not forget to have fun because fitness should be fun, healthy and rewarding!

5. Spread the Word

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Share your fitness love with family and friends so you can spread the word of good health. Invite your friends and family with you to a workout class or the gym. Even if they do not join, this just may motivate them to embark on prioritizing their own health. Show your love to your loved ones by helping them to better their health.

6. Non-traditional Exercise is Still a Workout

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Shoveling snow, raking leaves and house cleaning is still a workout. This exercise may be non-traditional but if you are moving vigorously and lifting loads, you are burning calories. So count 1 day a week of non-traditional exercise as a workout. Add some pushups and squats in between to firm your legs and burn some extra calories.

7. Set Goals

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Set some achievable goals in a near time frame and stretched-reach goals in a later time frame. Without goals in life, where would we be? So set a goal to challenge your body and mind. This will also eliminate boredom to keep you working hard.

Hope you have enjoyed the fitness tips that I live by and more importantly I hope they help you to achieve your fitness and health goals. What is your favorite fitness tip and how will this help you?

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