7 Easy Ways to Get More Active This Summer ...

By Teresa

7 Easy Ways to Get More Active This Summer ...

It’s not always easy to find ways to get more active this summer. Whether you’re looking for exercise that doesn’t really qualify as exercise, or tips to add more activity into your everyday life, something on this list is just right for you. You may even find that you keep a few of these tips in your daily routine as the weather gets colder this fall! These are simple ways to get more active this summer, but they’ll definitely stick with you!

Table of contents:

  1. do what you loved as a child
  2. find exercise that’s not exercise
  3. try swimming
  4. find alternative transportation methods
  5. exercise with your friends
  6. think of the benefits
  7. keep moving

1 Do What You Loved as a Child

If you’re desperately looking for ways to get more active this summer, look no further than your favorite activities as a child. As it turns out, if you loved the exercise as a child, you’ll probably still love it today. In fact, it may not even feel like exercise!

2 Find Exercise That’s Not Exercise

This goes hand in hand with my first point. If you find exercise that you love, it won’t feel like exercise in the slightest. Even if that’s not the case, finding something that’s not technically “exercise” will trick you into exercising. A few great “non-exercise” workouts to try out are dancing, horseback riding, or even biking. Any type of exercise that doesn’t require a gym membership or a new pair of running shoes is probably exercise that you’ll enjoy without even realizing it!

3 Try Swimming

As the weather gets warmer, the amount of time you’ll spend near a large body of water will also increase exponentially. Take advantage of your time spent near the lake or the pool and get swimming! It’s the perfect way to stay active, even when you’re supposed to simply lounge around and relax!

4 Find Alternative Transportation Methods

If you live in a city that makes this more plausible, try walking or riding your bike more than driving. It’s the perfect way to get exercise if you live a crazily busy life, because you don’t have to set aside time to exercise every day!

5 Exercise with Your Friends

Get your friends in on your new active lifestyle! By finding an activity you all love to do together, whether it’s walking, spin class, or even Zumba, you can get everyone involved! You’ll hold each other accountable, find time to catch up before and after class, and have a blast together!

6 Think of the Benefits

If you really cannot stand the idea of exercising, think of the benefits as you exercise. Think of how much better you’ll feel as you build up an endurance, how much more energy you’ll have, as well as just how much healthier you’ll feel in general.

7 Keep Moving

If possible, try to keep moving, always. Don’t veg out while watching TV, do sit-ups or your other favorite exercises during commercial breaks. It may seem relentless and a little bit silly, but it’s an easy way to incorporate exercise while relaxing.

What are your favorite tips for staying active during the summer, as well as all year? I love trying to find exercise that doesn’t feel like I’m really exercising, whether that means swimming, taking dance classes, or riding my bike. Let me know what your favorite tips for staying active in the summer are in the comments! I’m always looking for new tips and tricks to try out!

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