These Dances Will Totally Tone Your Body ...

Dancing isn’t just for parties and clubbing because there are dances that tone your body. Can you imagine how fun keeping fit can be just through dancing? If you love to dance but hate to exercise, this is a dream come true. And what’s even better is that dancing can burn between 500 and 1000 calories an hour – seriously! If the thought of stepping on a treadmill makes your heart sink, it’s time to turn up the music and step out into these dances that tone your body.

1. Belly Dancing

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This seductive dance is one of many dances that tone the body, and it focuses on the hips, abdomen, back, chest and arms. The rhythmic gyrations of the hips and isolated control of selected muscles create a great low-impact workout that doesn’t stress out the joints. One basic belly dance move is to move the hips in a form of a figure 8. To do this, imagine a large figure 8 painted on the floor with you standing in the middle, and your hips follow the figure 8 pattern. Another move is similar to the action of pedaling a bicycle, only your hips are making the movement. Because it’s low-impact, people of nearly any age can participate.

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