7 Common Fitness Myths Busted by Your Trainer ...

Being in the fitness industry for over ten years, I have run into quite a number of fitness myths and today I will bust a few of them. Just like a rumor, when people hear incorrect information repeatedly they often have trouble separating fact from fiction. I will break down a few of these myths to reveal the truth because it drives me crazy when people are misinformed. I am here to help you as your trainer and fitness friend. And this correct information will help you to achieve even better fitness and health results! Here are several fitness myths debunked:

1. Always Stretch before a Workout

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Dynamic stretching, or stretching in motion, is more helpful prior to any workout but still some people swear by static stretching or slow paused stretching. Do what works best for you and your joints, but be aware that there are no studies that show static stretching helps alleviate muscle soreness or decrease injury prevention. This explains why my amazing running coach at the University of South Carolina rarely did a pre-run stretch. This is one of the major fitness myths!

2. To Recover Have a Post Workout Protein Shake or Bar

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To have optimum recovery it is important to hydrate yourself. Drink plenty of water after your workout, followed by your protein. It is always better to have whole food than a shake or protein bar since this is processed. In fact, most protein bars have more carbohydrates and sugar than a candy bar. Always, always read the nutrition label so you know what you are putting in your body! And remember, knowledge is power that will help you to achieve great results!

3. Walking Will Help You Lose Weight

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Listen, walking is great exercise for the average person but if you are moderately active, walking will not make you break a sweat. If you are finding you are stuck in a rut and cannot drop needed pounds, try adding in intervals of jogging or speed walking. You should always find yourself having labored breathing when doing a cardiovascular workout. And if you are not breaking a sweat in your cardio routine, you usually need to boost your intensity.

4. Ab Exercises Will Give You the 6 Pack of Your Dreams

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Hundreds of abdominal exercises later and you are still waiting for the results? Abdominal exercises will not flatten your stomach or give you the 6 pack abs of your dreams if you do not combine this with healthy eating. Diet plays an integral role in abdominal fat. So make sure you better your eating so you can have a better waistline!

5. Pushups Will Make My Arms Big

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Pushups target your upper and lower back, chest, shoulders and core. Pushups will not make your arms big but they will help you to develop lean, sculpted arms. Women often have this fitness misconception. Genetics, diet and hormones will help you develop big arms.

6. Skipping Meals Will Help Me Lose Weight

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Stop starving yourself to fit into your skinny jeans or prepare for your next vacation. Starvation diets do little for you other than slow down your metabolic rate. Stop skipping meals and start eating smaller healthy mini meals throughout the day and you will begin to lose weight at a more rapid rate!

7. Having a Workout Buddy Will Aid My Weight Loss

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If you work out with someone it may help to have the support, but often times you will be less likely to stay motivated. Exercise for yourself. It is okay to meet a friend for a fitness class or an outdoor workout but do not become reliant on exercising with a friend. The highest weight loss losers (really they are winners) make fitness a priority in their life and anyone that wants to join them is a bonus, not a necessity!

Hope these fitness myths have helped you to achieve even more results and feel super fit! How fit do you feel when you wake up in the morning? I often feel like a fit machine.

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