7 Best Workouts for when the Gym is Full ...

You don't want to give up your workouts when the gym is full. It can be frustrating when you arrive in the gym much needing a workout only to find you are not the only one with this idea and the gym is full and the equipment is occupied. Have no fear because I am here as your personal trainer to give you some great workouts that you can do with limited or no equipment at all. And you will still have accomplished at least as much as a workout with your regular equipment and routine. Here are some great ideas for workouts when the gym is full:

1. Lunge Pushup Challenge

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So you are in a bind and the treadmill is taken, why not switch up your routine and use what you've got? Use your bodyweight for a lunge pushup challenge. Find a free space in the gym and perform 10 lunges in place then 10 pushups, jog in place for 1 minute, then repeat; make a goal of working to 7 sets. I promise this will be just as good, if not better than your planned treadmill routine because you are adding resistance training into your cardio routine which will rev your metabolism! This is one of the best workouts when the gym is full.

2. Squat Challenge

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Squats are a fantastic way to boost your metabolism, show definition and burn mega calories so what are you waiting for? Squats require no equipment so stop standing in line waiting for the weights and have a seat against the wall. To perform the squat challenge, perform a 2 minute wall squat, then 20 jumping jacks, 3 minute wall sit, then 30 jumping jacks, 4 minute wall sit, then 40 jumping jacks and if you can, get all the way to 100. This workout is majorly intense, but it will help you attain major results you would never get from equipment alone, so get squatting!

3. Absolutely Perfect

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Most ab machines do little for you other than strengthening the muscles but guess what, this will not help you to lean down, so stop waiting for the ab machines. Try a new workout absolutely perfect to get the lean and sculpted abs you have always dreamed of. To perform this workout do 10 jumping jacks, 10 high knees, 10 mountain climbers and a 1 minute plank. Repeat 10 times to take a step towards making your dreams into a reality!

4. Plyometric Fun

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Remember when as a child you would jump for loads of fun? Why not jump for joy and a fit body now? If you stop waiting in line for the equipment, start a new workout of plyometric fun that will challenge and test your strength. To perform this workout, go for 10 jump squats, 10 jumping lunges, 10 jumping jacks, and a 1 minute jump rope. Repeat 5 times, take a 1 minute break and resume for 5 more sets to test your body and show what you got!

5. Mini Triathlon

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So you got to the gym, had trouble finding a spot and now that you are in the gym you feel like there is nothing for you to do because all the equipment is occupied. Head outside for a 3 mile run and a 5 mile bike ride and then return to the gym to finish with a short swim or if the elliptical is available, finish with this for 30 minutes. This workout is extreme and a great variety to add to your routine!

6. Put It in Motion

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Dying to use the weights but you notice that they are all taken? No worries because I can offer you a body weight resistance workout to put it all in motion. Perform 10 jump pushups (regular pushup and push up into a small jump), arm circles, leg lifts for 10 on each side and finish with a 1 minute plank. Go for 5 sets and have fun!

7. Mountain Climber Challenge

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Looking to use the rowing machine at your gym and you notice it is still occupied? No worries because I have a great workout for you called the Mountain Climber Challenge. This workout will push your body, work your core and total body and you will feel great as a result. To perform go for a 1 minute mountain climber followed by 30 seconds of pushups and a 30 second plank. Repeat 10 times for a great total body workout that beats any gym equipment!

Hope you enjoyed my twist on your regular routine and that this help you on the days when your gym is just too busy or when you would like to add some change into your workouts. So tell me, what is your favorite workout to do and why?

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