9 Benefits of Exercise Other than Keeping You Fit ...

We all know the reasons we should work out to keep fit but have you ever thought of the other benefits of exercise? It can be a bit of slog to make yourself work out regularly, but what if you know just how much good it is doing you other than keeping you lean and trim and able to climb the stairs without wheezing? A bit of extra motivation to get that workout in is never a bad thing and that’s what learning about the additional benefits of exercise can do. Read on and you’ll be reaching for those sneakers or your gym kit post haste.

1. Reduces Stress

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After a rough day at work, you can beat the stress just by taking a quick walk or spending some time in the gym. Pumping some iron or simply taking a walk or anything that makes you sweat will help a lot in managing mental and physical stress, which is one of the great mental benefits of exercise. Exercise improves concentrations of a specific chemical called norepinephrine that plays a role in moderating your brain's response to stress. So, go get sweaty!

2. Better Sleep

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Having a hard time falling or staying asleep? Regular physical activity may help! Just avoid going to the gym too close to bedtime and you will see positive changes.

3. Better Libido

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If you feel too out of shape to enjoy physical intimacy, or lethargic due to life pressures, regular physical activity may be the solution. Exercise regularly and you will feel energized along with feeling sexier thanks to your buff, toned body.

4. Uplifts Mood

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Physical activity can help you blow off some steam after a hard day at office, but it can give you an emotional lift too. A brisk walk for 20-30 minutes can stimulate certain brain chemicals that develop a feeling of being happier. Doing an exercise for a few minutes will release endorphins, which can create feelings of euphoria and boost your overall mood.

5. Improve Self-Confidence

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If you exercise regularly, you will improve your self-image. Just by hopping on the treadmill and spending some time there, you can improve your perception of your attractiveness. Try this!

6. Have a Great Time Outdoors

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Take your workout outside and increase your self-esteem. Activities like hiking, rock-climbing, renting a canoe, or simply taking a jog in the park will get you all the vitamin D you need to feel happier. In fact, a quick walk in fresh air and sunshine is better than a spa day.

7. Boost Brainpower and Sharpen Memory

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Regular cardiovascular exercise produces new brain cells that perk up your brain performance. It also boosts your memory and improves your ability to learn new things. Moreover, working out in the gym may improve the levels of brain-derived protein, which can help you with higher thinking, decision-making, and learning.

8. Reduce Cravings and Overcome Addiction

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Why do you feel good after performing a certain activity? Well, your brain releases dopamine after you take drugs, eat food, drink alcohol, engage in intimate acts, or perform an exercise. Sometimes, an individual gets dependant on alcohol or drugs to get that 'reward chemical,' but exercising can help to overcome cravings. It may help you fall asleep because regular physical activity improves your circadian rhythms, which may have been disrupted by alcohol abuse.

9. Be an Inspiration

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You may have done a lot for yourself, but now it's time to inspire others. You can take it as one of the finest reasons to exercise. Many people are obese or have certain health conditions but don't go to the gym or even for a short walk. You can inspire others by explaining the benefits you received through exercising, and you can definitely ask a friend to tag along and see how enjoyable the whole thing is. So, go find a nice workout buddy who deserves to reap the benefits of exercise, just like you!

If you see exercise merely as something you do because you know you should work out, take on board all the other benefits of exercise so it becomes an important feature in your life and not a chore. Do you enjoy exercising or is it just another chore on your to do list?

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