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13 Workouts That'll Make You Look Amazing in Leggings ...

By Holly

Want to look fit and fab in leggings, like a model on her day off? You just need to add a legs day to your routine a few times a week, by rotating in a few of these exercises, whichever you like best. There are loads to choose from to build your perfect look-great-in-leggings workout, and these are a few of my faves.

1 Donkey Kick and Fire Hydrant Combo

Oh my gosh, these are so hard, but so effective! Seriously, they're harder than they look.

2 Pistol Squats

These will work your core as well as give you gorgeous, toned legs.

3 Chair Squat

These are a little less intimidating than the other squats, but they're still wicked hard, and you'll still be sore for about two days.

4 Split Squat

Don't worry if you can't do a good split right away... it'll happen, over time.

5 Single Leg Dead Lift

Balance is key here, and again, you'll feel awkward at first, but you'll get there! Keep at it!

6 Plié Squat

Add a little ballet to your workout with this twist on a traditional squat.

7 Hamstring Curl

If you're a runner, your hammies are probably tight. This little move will help, for sure!

8 Downward Dog Split

Yoga is so good for your body and soul! This quick flow will help with stress and it'll tone your legs.

9 Scissor Kick

This is actually tough, but it's truly fun!

10 Calf Raise

Don't neglect your calves! Your thighs and butt are important, but your calves should be toned, too.

11 Inner Leg Lift

Now let's talk about thighs! This move will keep you tone.

12 Glute Bridge

The glute bridge is also great for lower back pain... the trick? Keeping your neck safe... so imagine holding a tangerine between your shoulder blades, and it'll take the stress off your neck.

13 Reverse Lunge

I do love a lunge, and these are a fun twist, even if you're clumsy, like me.

14 Side Lunge

This lunge can be tricky, but this, with the reverse lunge, can make a huge difference!

15 Wall Sit

Could anything be simpler than sitting? Well, this looks easy, but it's really hard — your thighs will burn after a bit!

16 Legs up the Wall

Again, this looks so simple, but it's really not ... it's going to help tone your legs (and give you an excellent stretch).

17 Glute Kickbacks

This move is a lot of fun; just be sure you give yourself plenty of room.

18 Bicycle

This abs exercise is also good for your legs, and can make you more coordinated as well.

19 Jumping Lunges

A word of warning: don't let your knees hit the ground... ouch!

20 Burpees

No leg workout is complete without a few sets of burpees, but which kind will you add? I like the ninja burpees.

Now it's time to actually work out! What other exercises do you do to get ready for leggings season?

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