7 Brands of Workout Clothing That Will Leave You Looking and Feeling Great ...

As a girl who’s all about a good workout, I'm also about finding fantastic brands of workout clothing to keep me looking and feeling my best when I'm exercising. Some of these brands are more common than others, but some of them are quite unique that you’ll definitely want to put on your radar. When I shop for workout clothes, I don’t just want something that fits, but I want it to also flatter my shape and fit into my routine. I don’t want a pair of pants or a bra that irritates my skin, leaves me pouring in sweat from the fabric, or doesn't hold up well. Check out these great brands of workout clothing and look for them next time you’re shopping for your next workout outfit!

1. Nike

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Nike is one of the most popular brands of workout clothing, along with popular brands of workout shoes. I mean, who didn’t grow up owning or wanting a pair of Nike’s, right? I know I did! Nike makes a great selection of workout clothes that not only fit well, but also tend to work really well if you’re sweating a lot or doing heavy and intense training. To save money on workout clothes, I always visit a Nike outlet store instead of buying directly from the mall or through a Nike retail store. You can also save a huge amount of money on Nike clothes online. Be sure to pick up their fantastic line of workout shoes while you’re at it, which range from running to walking, track and field, HIIT training and more.

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