Yoga Poses for Active Women Who Lift Weights ...


When you lift weights, you don't want to hurt yourself. In order to avoid getting injured, you should make sure that your joints are flexible. What's the best way to do that? Yoga of course! That's why all of you active ladies should do the yoga poses recommended by Shape:

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Cat Cow Pose

Channel your inner beast with this animalistic pose.


Triangle Pose

This pose can help you learn to keep your balance.


Dancer's Pose

You don't have to be a dancer in order to pull off this pose, but you do have to be flexible.


Pyramid Pose

This is a pretty simple one that you should be able to do if you can touch your toes.


Reverse Tabletop Pose

This can build muscle all over your sexy body.


Locust Pose

This one looks easy, but it's actually pretty challenging.


Supine Figure Four Pose

This one is more like an exercise routine than a yoga pose, but it really works!

What's your favorite yoga pose?

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My favorite yoga pose is bridge and twisted chair pose. I love yoga! Some people think of it as a type of relaxing type of meditation, but there are many different kinds of yoga and so many health benefits! Great article by the way!

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