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In a world of conference calls, meetings, and daily deadlines; it is not about what have you done for me but what have you done for me today; in the workforce. And if you do not get your job done, there will be someone else waiting with the qualifications to get the job done. So it is important for you to be on your game putting 100% effort into every day. But if you want to keep your mind clear while working in, why not multitask and get a workout in. I will share with you my certified trainer secrets in just how you can burn calories while doing business. I did this for years in corporate positions and if I can do it so can you!

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Walk While on a Business Call

Walk While on a Business Call Forget sitting at your desk on your business calls and wasting the day away. Walk around while on your call, you can still stop to jot down notes. Or walk around your office. Pacing means calories burned and you can better your shape while doing business.


Sit on an Exercise Ball at Work

Sit on an Exercise Ball at Work Stop sitting on that office chair and ruining your health. Swap out your chair for an exercise ball so you can work your core, lean down and burn calories while doing business. You will also become more alert at work and have more energy to get more done!


Take the Stairs

Take the Stairs Standing in line at the elevator with your coworkers is not only a waste of time but also a waste of the possibility of calories burned. Walk or run the stairs to get to and from the office. You will burn some calories and awaken your body and mind!


Visit a Coworker Instead of an Email

Visit a Coworker Instead of an Email Are you seriously emailing the co -worker that is two doors down from you? What happened to the face to face interaction before the internet? Go visit your co- worker, burn calories and take the long way back to your office to burn even more!


Walk at Lunch with a Coworker While Talking Business

Walk at Lunch with a Coworker While Talking Business Instead of sitting in the corporate cafeteria, meet a co-worker to work on a business deal while getting your workout in. Go for a walk or jog and let the business chat roll as your beads of sweat do. This is a great way to multi task and you will both finish your workout feeling accomplished and with one less business deal to work through.


Stand Instead of Sitting

Stand Instead of Sitting Most of the day that I work I stand while I send my emails. Try this and you will notice you are more alert and you will burn calories while you work. Total win in my book!


Create a Fit Club for Co- Workers after Work

Create a Fit Club for Co- Workers after Work Think of all the co-workers that want to get in shape but are just not motivated. Send out an email and invite everyone to join a fit club. You can create a program where everyone works towards their goals and you may even find a way to do business while doing this. Be creating and think outside the box to get fit while at work!

Finding time for fitness is all up to you but with time management and the right attitude you can make it work while you work. Are you ready to better your body and mind at the same time?

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