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Stop staring at the celeb on the cover of the magazine as you check out at grocery store! If you work hard and eat clean you can see amazing results, just like a celebrity. Celebrities do not just follow strict eating plans to sculpt their body, they do workouts that are high intense and push themselves through calorie torching workouts. These workouts are not your average stroll in the park but at your own level can be completed by all. So are you ready to start the great workouts that can help you rock your outfits like a celebrity! Lights, camera, action and let’s move!

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50 Minute Insane Workout

If you want to rock any outfit like a celebrity, you should perform this great 50 minute workout. This workout will strengthen your body from head to toe so keep with it and work your way strong! Just make sure to follow along and make sure you eat healthy to see ultimate results.


15 Minute Insanity Workout

This 15 minute Insanity workout is a high intensity program to increase your heart rate and boost your metabolism. The exercises in this program are targeted to tone, sculpt and shred your body. Just make sure you work your hardest for 15 minutes. This short duration is equivalent to a lower intensity 30 minute workout so make every fitness moment count.


Jillian Michaels Ab Workouts

Followed by millions and always producing results, Jillian Michaels is an incredible trainer that produces results. So work out with her from your very home and be your own biggest loser with this great ab workout. Work your abs to achieve amazing results! If you want it, you have to work for it.


1000 Calorie Torcher

Celebrities tires endless hours with production, publicists and everything in between but in order to achieve their fabulous bodies, they find time to torch calories! Follow this 1000 calorie torcher video to blast fat to the past and get in celeb status shape!


60 Minute High Intensity Workout

Try this 6 minute warm up, 48 minute high intensity workout, 6 minute cool down for 60 minutes of fit fun. Because of the high intensity level of this workout you can burn anywhere from 600-800 calories, depending on your weight and the energy you put forth. So go ahead and challenge yourself for just 60 minutes to achieve ultimate success.


Bodyweight Blast

Use your body weight to add resistance for your workouts by following this great video. Pay attention to your form and follow the guidelines so you can get in your best shape!


10 Minute Abs

Follow this 10 minute abdominal routine to strengthen your core. Strengthening your core will help prevent injury, correct imbalance and lean your waist down. Follow these 10 minute ab exercises but remember killer abs are made in the kitchen and sculpted in the gym. So make sure you eat healthy, avoid processed foods and close the kitchen down by 8.

So with all of these great celebrity workouts are you ready to work hard and grab your dreams? Stop wishing you were the girl on the cover of the magazine and start working to be in your best shape. You deserve to make that dream into your reality. But it all starts and ends with the choices that you make each day!

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Jillian Michaels is amazing loved her for years she sugar costs nothing and I like that !!!

Hi can I do this after I got pregnant

Wow! Just tried the 10 min abs. Amazing workout! Don't think my abs have ever been this sore!

Fitness blender workouts really works I been doing them 3 weeks already I have amazing results ..I even had a baby not long ago also I do them at least 4 days a week u should also try modernmom workouts ...

I give birth to one baby nd now I'm little bit fat like my thighs I want a thinner can I do that workout for thinner thigh after I got pregnant

Amazing workout

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