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How to Plan Your Days to Create the Hottest Body Ever ...

By Tara

If you want to achieve a better body, the best thing you can do is get on a schedule of rising earlier to get your workout in. If you exercise earlier you will be able to push harder as you are coming off of a night’s rest. Rising earlier to get your exercise in also makes the most sense if you have a busy schedule because then you will most definitely get your workout in. You can also find smart ways to get your workout in like exercising to your destination or if you are sleepless count crunches instead of sheep. There are so many other ways to plan your days and create a better body so follow along and make plans to change your life!

1 Get up and Get Your Workout in

Rise early before the rest of the world and get your workout in. I often exercise under the stars as I am running outside and I feel like I have an extra edge for the day. I have more energy, feel more confident and the days just seem a little brighter. And as a mom of three I do not look like I have children because I take care of my health and my body.

2 Exercise to Your Destination

Instead of jumping in your car to head to the park or another local destination, walk, run or bike there. I often run to the park to see my children’s soccer games. This is a great way to sneak your workout in without feeling guilty and being away from possible family time. And by following this plan you will change your body for the better.

3 Plan Your Meals in Advance

Gone are the days when you order take out on a whim. If you want to change your body you have to make certain changes like removing all the take out numbers from your cell phone speed dial and creating amazing meals on your own. Every meal tastes so much better when you made and you can control the healthy ingredients you put in them.

4 Make Every Moment Count

If you have twenty minutes free in between classes or for mom’s bus schedules, go for a quick run. Fitness does not have to be the traditional 40 minute to hour workout; find fitness time and move. Make the most out of your free time and get in your best shape. You only have one life so it is time for you to live it right!

5 Can’t Sleep do Crunches

Lying away staring at the ceiling is becoming a nightly habit. Just think of all you could be doing in this time, like exercising. Do not get up or you will get the blood flowing and be unable to go back to sleep. Go for 2 sets of 15 crunches so you can squeeze a small fitness session in without awakening your senses too much!

6 Be Consistent

Getting in shape in all about becoming consistent in your exercise and eating habits. So follow a plan, get in shape and make every moment count. You have so much time in the day, even if it is in small windows, to find time to better your body. So utilize this time to make a difference in your life. And then pay it forward by recruiting your friends!

7 Go to Sleep Earlier

Get to bed earlier tonight to catch up on some Zzzzzs, reduce the production of the hormone cortisol and feel better. Adequate sleep of 7-9 hours is important for weight loss and or exercisers, this is essential for muscle recovery. So get to bed sleepy head and rest for tomorrow’s fitness fun adventures!

With so many ideas in how you can better your body, take steps in the right direction and change your life. You deserve to life the very best life with health, happiness and love!

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