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Do you find it a chore to get off your butt to go to the gym? (I’m with you there girlfriend!) If we don’t much like exercise (me me me!) we can turn working out into a drama. Avoid making it harder by making it easier. How? Like this!

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Make It a Date with a Friend

Make It a Date with a Friend One of the tricks to make going to the gym easier is to use peer pressure. Make it a date with a co-worker, friend, partner or spouse - it will be far more difficult to skip a gym session when there's somebody waiting for you at the gym doors. Make it part of your socializing routine, like going out for a coffee or drinks, at least once a week.


Sign up to a Gym near Your Workplace

Sign up to a Gym near Your Workplace Find a gym within walking distance of your workplace as this will increase your motivation to go regularly to the gym and not to use excuses like "it takes ages to get there by car/bus/train". And the walk will burn off calories, too!


Create a Great Home Gym

Create a Great Home Gym If you've got the space assemble a few gym things like kettle bells, yoga mat, free weights, exercise ball, skipping rope etc in a well-aired, bright part of your home. Privacy is often a motivation to work out more.


Join a Class You Need to Sign up for

Join a Class You Need to Sign up for Again, this falls into the "peer pressure" category: signing up for a fitness class, especially those where places are limited or equipment is involved that you can't afford to buy for your home gym, means there are more people to hold you to account when you skip class. It's also more of a social event, as you usually make a few friends along the way. Last minute jitters about going will soon be driven from your mind: most classes charge you, if you don't cancel at least a couple of hours prior to the starting time.


Have a Packed Gym Bag Ready to Go

Have a Packed Gym Bag Ready to Go Also a tried and tested method that works is the packed gym bag that sits by your door, waiting to be taken out for its weekly spin. Little tricks that make going to the gym easier often don't cost you anything but a little practice and organization. You won't have any excuses when your gym stuff is ready. If you usually drive to the gym, keep your gym pack in the car, so you can go to the gym before or after work and you won't ever forget to take it with you.


Use a Reward System

Use a Reward System Give yourself a pat on the back once in a while and reward yourself for every 4-week cycle of gym visits or for a specific number of workouts. Things like nail art or manicure, massage, new lip gloss or a healthy meal with a friend work wonders as a reward system.


Organize a Workout Schedule

Organize a Workout Schedule Making proper time for your workout means organizing your life better - otherwise you'll soon use the excuse that going to the gym takes up too much time away from family and friends. It doesn't matter if you use a calendar or excel spreadsheet, a little notebook you keep in your handbag or the latest app as long as you set up days when your workout is supposed to happen. Writing down things helps us to remember them better!


Broadcast the Good News of Your Regular Gym Trips

Broadcast the Good News of Your Regular Gym Trips Tell all your friends and co-workers that you're going to the gym after work. Not only will that prevent people from trying to persuade you to skip sessions by joining them for drinks, it will help you avoid sneaking off home without doing your workout - remember, peer pressure? Next day somebody's bound to ask you about your gym adventures and if you've finally plucked up courage to speak to the dishy guy on the treadmill next to you.


Look out for Gyms with Great Perks

Look out for Gyms with Great Perks Joining a gym that's positively swarming with good-looking romance material is certainly one of the tricks to make going to the gym easier! But there are other perks you could look out for, like fun classes, spas with hot tubs, eucalyptus steam rooms, Jacuzzis, massage and beauty treatments. As long as you treat yourself to those things AFTER your workout, indulging in perks is allowed!

Are you ready to find new motivation to get moving? Then do it! Today! Get Moving!

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I'm all in favor of anything that makes working out easier.

#2 the three girls i'v seen them like everywhere plz who are they?

Sometimes it helps when there is a little man candy to gush over!! ;)

Just go jogging. It is free!

I'm a mommy. I would rather workout from home. My almost nine month old son sits next to me playing with his toys while mommy workouts my little boy watches his mommy get stronger i do cardio, weightlifting and just got into yoga💪💪

@Neecy thanks

I am terrible with the gym business. I sign up for a year and stop going after a few weeks. I really should just work out at home.

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