9 Poses from Yoga to Get You Flexible AF ...

By Holly

9 Poses  from Yoga to Get You Flexible AF  ...

According to PopSugar, there's a frightening new yoga craze that could end up hurting you. It involves all of the poses you know and love--except this time, a skateboard is involved. You won't want to try these yoga poses unless you're an expert or have some super soft cushions to land on.

Table of contents:

  1. firefly pose
  2. wide-leg handstand
  3. crow pose
  4. grasshopper pose
  5. standing one-legged king pigeon pose
  6. tripod headstand
  7. crow pose variation
  8. boat pose
  9. standing split

1 Firefly Pose

clothing, human positions, thigh, leg, arm, It's hard enough to get your legs straight out on solid ground, let alone on a skateboard.

2 Wide-Leg Handstand

human positions, leg, This is the only thing more dangerous that a regular handstand.

3 Crow Pose

human positions, beauty, leg, sports, muscle, You need perfect balance in order to keep the skateboard still.

4 Grasshopper Pose

human action, blue, human positions, sports, sitting, How can anyone bend their body like that?

5 Standing One-Legged King Pigeon Pose

sports, human positions, physical fitness, modern dance, concert dance, The name of this pose is as complicated as the actual pose.

6 Tripod Headstand

Tripod Headstand It's hard not to hurt your yea when it's pressed against something as rough as a skateboard.

7 Crow Pose Variation

sports, human positions, physical fitness, martial arts, yoga, You probably don't want to do this on a hard surface.

8 Boat Pose

Boat Pose This is about the safest pose to do on a skateboard.

9 Standing Split

human positions, sports, sun tanning, physical fitness, leg, Now that's impressive!

These poses can be dangerous, so don't try them unless you have a way to protect your head! Which one of these do you think is the most dangerous?

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