10 Insane Workouts for an Amazing Summer Body ...


10 Insane Workouts for an Amazing Summer Body ...
10 Insane Workouts for an Amazing Summer Body ...

So you want to get in your best shape for summer and you want to start now? Well we all know that hard work goes a long way in helping to achieve incredible results so what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it and start exercising right now. I always say you are only as strong and fierce as your last workout so give it all you got so you can get in the incredible shape you desire by summer! To begin working towards amazing results, take a page from my book as a trainer for over a decade with these insane workouts that have helped chisel countless bodies and transform so many lives!

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High Intensity

High intensity workouts are absolutely incredible in chiseling the body because of the high heart rate spurts followed by the short rest periods. Even the fittest athlete can benefit from this type of training for weight loss and endurance gains. This will also boost your metabolism and help you to get in your best shape!



Running is seriously one of the hardest workouts you can do because of the high calories you burn in a short duration and it is also great for working for heart. So run to boost your health, heart and get some serious results for summer! And choose your distance and effort, but remember you get out what you put in!


Sprinting then Walking

Sprinting then walking is an interval style of training that is ultra-challenging and will most certainly boost your metabolism. To perform this workout, sprint as fast as you can for 4 minutes then walk for a minute. Repeat for 10-12 sets to get a great work out and get in shape for summer.


Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a super-effective workout that will work your total body with a major focus on core. This will help you take one step further to getting into incredibly sexy shape for summer. Wear that skimpy bikini you always wanted to wear and wear it with pride!



Boxing is an ultra-effective way to burn mega calories and work your total body and you can do this routine from your own home. If you want guidance and do not know where to begin, invest in a DVD or search for a workout online. If you are really into it, purchase your own bag and challenge yourself to get in shape for summer!



Dancing is not only a great workout but also loads of fun. This is a great way to get a workout in while eliminating boredom. So dance your way to your best body for summer this year by moving and grooving!



You see the infomercials and hear so much hype about Insanity as the high intensity workout to help you achieve your best results. But is this all talk or is it really just that amazing? As a super fit mom, I am absolutely amazed at just how intense this workout is and it will definitely challenge you. So put your body to the test and get insane results with a regular workout of Insanity!



The third video made by P90X creator Tony Horton, this one is quicker than the other two, giving you a seriously hardcore workout. Just 30 minutes is all you'll need a day to conquer this video and have a rockin bod in no time.


BeFit Max Cardio

Lacey Stone is a great fitness instructor. She's motivating without being too pushy and looks like she'd be a blast to work out with. Her intense cardio video will have your heart pumping and the calories burning. Give it a try for yourself and see what you think!



Tabata is awesome if you're looking to burn fat fast. This 10 minute workout might not seem like a long time, but it's highly effective for girls who don't have the schedule to spend hours at the gym. Try it out and you'll see the amazing effects tabata will have on your body in no time.

So ready to get on track and get insane results for summer? Then put your body to the test with any of these workouts or better yet try a different one each day of the week!

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