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7 Workouts to Kick Your Butt if You Want the Body of a Beauty Queen ...

By Tara

Have you noticed the incredible physiques of beauty pageant contestants? Ok I know beauty pageants are not all about outward appearances since there is a talent portion but outward appearance does play a large portion. So look and feel the part by getting in your best shape. Once lean and unshapely, the new age beauty pageant contestant is strong, sleek and in shape. So say goodbye to skinny mini and hello to the fit, fierce and fun competitor! And by the way, these contestants are not born with these near perfect physiques; these results are earned through hard work. So are you ready to get in your best shape beautiful? Then start out with these 7 kick butt workouts that beauty contestants swear by:

1 Tabata

Tabata interval workouts are a great way to make your metabolic rate surge and prep you for your next beauty pageant. This 10 minute workout can help you get in your best shape while improving both your aerobic and anaerobic endurance.

2 Bootcamp

Let’s get back to the basics as I lead you in this video with lunges and the plank exercise. Pair this with some running, jumping jacks and you got yourself a bootcamp workout. Go for 3 sets of 18 lunges, squats, jumping jacks and finish with a 3 mile run! So are you ready for your next beauty pageant?

3 Intensity

Bump up the intensity of your everyday workout with this super effective exercise of the burpee to help you get in beautiful pageant shape. I lead you with the exercise in this video, (please forgive my shape because I am 5 months pregnant - and yes I did receive my physician’s approval.) Perform 5 sets of 10 to help you get in super fit shape!

4 Speed Intervals

Shred away the fat fast with these speed interval workouts. The workouts in the video will help you to build lean muscle that is more metabolically active so it will help you get in super shape. And have fun beautiful because getting in shape is the best way to utilize your time wisely!

5 Core Workouts

There is nothing better than have lean and sculpted abs. And if you follow this video and strengthen your core, you can help prevent a lower back injury down the road. So get working to achieve your best shape and strongest core. Follow these exercises to burn your belly fat!

6 Plyos

Get fit with 15 sets of these plyometric exercises that will push your body to a different pace and challenge you. Move fast and give it all you got so you can see optimal results. I always say you are only in shape as your last workout so push yourself with this in mind!


Callisthenics like in this video will help you get in beauty pageant shape to tone your body to tip top shape. These exercises are easy to do while you watch tv so you can multitask and you can feel the burn as you are doing them. So get down to the ground and get going!

So gorgeous, are you ready to get started?

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