Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Break a Sweat ...


Don’t be afraid to get your fitness sweat on. Sweating is healthy, it just shows you are hydrated. And sweating is good for your heart, mind, and skin. Sweating it out makes you feel like a beautiful beast that can conquer the world as you chisel your body. Push yourself to the next level when you work out and finish covered in sweat. There is nothing more beautiful than accomplishing your goals. Build your confidence by completing your workout and look super sexy in the process. So don’t be afraid to sweat it out to fitness and health greatness!

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It is Good for the Heart

Increasing your heart rate, working your cardiovascular system and getting your fit on is a super way to sweat it out. As you are sweating from your fitness routine there is good reason you are working your cardiovascular system. Great news is you are preventing heart issues down the road by making this simple choice of working out.


Good for the Mind

As the stress and rigors of the day start to hit home all you really need to do is release this stress with a workout. As you exercise it is like magic with every bead of sweat you feel less stressed and just happier. It is amazing how a good sweat can truly clear your mind.


Great for Your Pores

Sweating it out is great for your pores and can help rid your body of toxins. As a result your skin will look clearer and even have a natural glow. Forget the makeup, go and get your fitness sweat on to have amazing flawless skin!


Builds Your Confidence

Stop feeling down in the dumps and insecure. Get your workout on and sweat out every insecurity you once had. With every step, stand tall and be proud of the hard work you are choosing to put in. As the beads of sweat, trickle down your body smile in satisfaction!


Increases Your Metabolism

With every move that you make pushing your body to the next level, you are burning calories, building lean muscle and increasing your metabolic rate. By increasing your metabolism you will lean down and shred your body. So push yourself harder and within the first 5 minutes of your workout you should feel the burn and sweat it out!


Makes You Feel Accomplished

As I ran the West Virginia Marathon this past weekend, with in the first 2 miles I felt sweat dripping down my face and this continued the entire 26.2 miles. I finished feeling accomplished and in need of a shower. Haha! I seriously felt so amazing and like nothing could ruin my fitness high. Accomplish a great workout while you get your sweat on and I guarantee you will feel so strong and empowered!


You Look Hot

Sweating it out is hot and I do not mean the put up the air condition kind of hot. I mean you will look sexy and after your workout you will feel sexier as well. I feel like I have an edge on non -exercisers every day because of the way I look and feel.

Want to change your life? Then make exercise part of your daily routine. You can achieve greatness on a daily basis by getting your sweat on!

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Sweat is your fat crying

This article is a true statement.

@wendy I love that it's so funny and accurate. But yes this is a wonderful article especially the sexy part at the end :)

Plus it releases endorphins in the brain leaving you happy!

All so true, I've usually for Niagra Falls running down my face when I work out. Funny thing I have noticed I'm like one of handful of people busting at sweat at the gym! I even out sweat some of the guys! Haha

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