7 Calf Exercises That Will Make You Look Fantastic in Shorts ...


7 Calf Exercises That Will Make You Look Fantastic in Shorts ...
7 Calf Exercises That Will Make You Look Fantastic in Shorts ...

When shorts weather hits, you want to be sure your legs are in tip top shape before you slide into your favorite pair. By adding some calf moves to your routine, you shape the bottom half of your legs, giving you a toned and strong look that will make it easy to rock any pair of shorts. Start with one set of twelve repetitions, then add sets as you get stronger. Here are some really great moves that you are going to love having in your routine.

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Standing Calf Raises

This is perhaps the easiest calf exercise you’ll ever do. But it’s also the one that will give you the best results. To do the move, stand on a step or exercise block with your heels a couple inches lower than your toes. Slowly rise upward until you are on your toes, then lower to the starting position to complete one rep.


While standing calf raises may seem simple, they effectively target the gastrocnemius, the larger muscle in your calves. For added resistance and intensity, hold dumbbells at your sides or use a weighted backpack. Remember, the key is a slow and controlled movement—don't rush. Aim for 3 sets of 10-15 reps, adjusting as you gain strength. A pro-tip is to pause for a count at the top of the lift to maximize muscle engagement. And don't forget to stretch post-workout to maintain flexibility.


Single Leg Calf Raise

This move is very similar to standing calf raises, but you’ll do one leg at a time. This increases the resistance on each leg, increasing the benefits you get from the move. Hold one leg bent at the knee while raising and lowering on just one foot. Complete one set of reps, then switch legs and repeat.


The Single Leg Calf Raise is a great way to target the calves and build strength and definition. It is a simple exercise to do and can be done without any equipment.

To do the Single Leg Calf Raise, start by standing on one leg with the other bent at the knee. Keep your back straight and your chest up. Then, slowly lower your heel towards the ground, hold for a few seconds, and then raise your heel back up. Make sure to keep your weight balanced on your standing leg and keep your core engaged.

You can also add resistance to the Single Leg Calf Raise by using ankle weights or a resistance band. This will help to further challenge the calves and build strength and definition.

The Single Leg Calf Raise is an effective exercise to target the calves and can be done anywhere. It is a great addition to any lower body workout and can help to improve balance and stability. Doing this exercise regularly can help to strengthen the calves and make them look great in shorts.


Box Jumps

The great thing about box jumps is that you work your calves, but they also burn calories so you can kill two birds with one stone. To do the move, stand in front of an exercise block, squat slightly, then jump onto the box, landing on your toes and the balls of your feet. Jump back to the starting position to complete one repetition.


When performing box jumps, it’s essential to choose a box height that matches your fitness level. Beginners should start with a lower height to avoid injury. As you gain confidence and strength, you can challenge yourself with taller boxes. Focus on landing softly to minimize impact on your joints and maintain control throughout the exercise. This plyometric movement not only tones your calves but also enhances your cardiovascular endurance and explosive power. Aim for multiple sets of 10-15 jumps, ensuring you take a breather between sets to keep your form sharp and movements precise.


Seated Calf Raises

Prefer to work your muscles sitting down? This move is for you! Sit down and rest your feet on an exercise block, again with your heels lower than your toes. Place weights on your thighs, then raise and lower your legs as you do with standing calf raises.


Calf Presses

If you work out at the gym, the calf press machine will be your best friend when shorts season arrives. Sit on the bench and slowly press the machine out with your feet. Start with a moderate amount of weight. You should be able to complete twelve reps without compromising your form. Adjust the weight until you get there.


Dumbbell Jump Squat

This move targets your entire leg, so it’s a great choice if want your entire leg to be shapely and ready for shorts. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and stand with your hips shoulder width apart. Slowly lower your body like you’re sitting down, then raise back to your starting position. Hold the squat for a few seconds to maximize the benefits.


To add an explosive element, jump up from the low squat position with as much force as possible. As you land, make sure to soften your knees to prevent any impact-related injuries and return to the squat to complete one rep. The addition of the jump not only increases the intensity of the workout but also adds a cardiovascular element that can help with fat burning. Remember to keep your back straight, core engaged, and avoid letting your knees extend past your toes to maintain proper form. Start with lighter weights to perfect your technique before increasing the load.


Walk, Jog or Run on the Treadmill or the Street

These exercises are great for working your calf muscles and over time will build the strength and tone you want. Aim for 30 minutes at a time and you’ll be impressed by the results you see. Easy, right?

How do you work your calf muscles? Will you add any of these moves your routine?

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Calf raises are so easy to fit into your day! Need to use the microwave? Do calf raises til the timer beeps. Brushing your teeth? Calf raises. Easy-peasy.

standing ones work the best!

Standing calf raises are my favorite

Those calves pictured look horrifying and disgusting.

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