Try THESE Workouts if You're a Girl Needing Instant Results ...


Try THESE Workouts if You're a Girl Needing Instant  Results ...
Try THESE Workouts if You're a Girl Needing Instant  Results ...

If you need instant results and just have no time to wait because you are tired of not looking and feeling your best, these workouts are made for you. If you have an event coming up and you want to see results for this special day, follow along. These workouts are the right combination of intensity and variety to help you achieve ultimate results. Life is too short so do not wait another minute to earn the results of your dreams. Get up off the couch and get moving to get in your best shape starting now!

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Dead Lifts

Work your legs and butt with this 30 minute workout. Since this workout isolates the larger muscle groups you may wake up tomorrow feeling the burn and for good reason - it works! It is like the saying, be sore or be sorry. Be sore or be sorry you did not work hard enough. But if you are a girl needing instant results, you have no time to spare, then deadlifts are the answer to your prayers!



You may wonder why squats are the exercise every trainer prescribes for you. Is this move that effective and why do we have to do so many? Yes and because it is what works. In this 100 repetition squat challenge you will feel the burn in your butt and legs. There are 10 sets of 10 varying the muscle focus. And I promise you will feel this!



If you are a busy girl with no time to waste, perform lunges as they are the ultimate lower body exercise. This power packed move will isolate each leg individually to help you achieve the best results. Perform 3 sets of 18 on each leg and then get out for a 30 minute cardio workout. This will help you to achieve instant results because your time is precious.


Kettle Bell Swings

With just 5 minutes of kettle bell swings you may think that this is not a workout, but think again. Try this move for yourself and in 20 reps you will be amazed. This is a great workout if you are super busy but what great results. So grab your kettlebell and follow along!


High Intensity

If you need instant results and patience is not on your side when it comes to achieving fit results, perform this 25 minute workout that is sure to challenge you and help you slim down and shape up. There is such variety in this workout you will never become bored and you will finish this covered with sweat and smiling satisfied that you did this!



Burpees are a compound exercise working multiple muscle groups at once for the ultimate fat blasting results. And although they are challenging, it is worth the effort because they work. So follow along in this video as I perform burpees to work your total body and achieve quick results. Ready, set and go!



If you are a girl looking for serious abdominal definition, perform this core workout immediately. In just 10 minutes you will target your midsection and work your body strong. Stop wasting your time with moves that do not make your body move. Transform your body by performing this core workout regularly.

Now go ahead and get to it. We have no time to be wasting! You deserve great results and to feel amazing!

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