Ask Yourself These Questions before You Bail on a Workout ...


Ask Yourself These Questions before You Bail on a Workout ...
Ask Yourself These Questions before You Bail on a Workout ...

As you set out for a ten mile run, as part of your marathon training or get ready for a high intensity workout, you have high hopes of a quick pace and feeling your best. But within a mile or 5 minutes in, you realize that today just may not be your day to smash your goals. Your legs feel tight and you lack the spring in your step. So what should you do? Do you throw in the towel and take today as a rest day or simply finish your workout the best that you can? These are questions you should ask yourself before you bail on a workout!

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Why Are You Working out?

clothing, active undergarment, undergarment, underpants, muscle, To achieve your workout successfully, you need to go in with a goal. Your goal cannot be I want to exercise hard but it should be I want to accomplish a one hour high intensity workout. So decide just what workout you want to do and then embark on your challenge!


Is Your Workout Goal Achievable?

clothing, underpants, undergarment, active undergarment, lingerie, Identifying if your goals are realistic is ultra-important in deciding whether you should keep it up. Although dreams are great to think up, it is integral to be realistic when it comes to training. If you stay realistic, you will be more likely to hit and even smash your goals. And you will most certainly not be disappointed.


Can You Benefit from Breaking Your Workout up?

clothing, leg, thigh, hand, human body, When the going gets tough, it may just be time to break up your workout. This is the best way to achieve your goals without being wiped out. Exercise in the morning and then do the second stage of your workout in the afternoon. Double workouts are a super way to get your fitness in without bailing out!


Can You Drop It down a Notch?

clothing, undergarment, active undergarment, lingerie, thigh, If you find yourself drained and your high intensity workout is anything but intense, listen to your body. Drop it down a notch and tune in to the message your body is sending you. It is sending you this message for a reason. A true athlete knows just when to listen to their body and this does not mean bailing out!


What is Affecting Your Workout Negatively?

active undergarment, clothing, undergarment, underpants, muscle, Look at the outside factors that are having a negative impact on your motivation. Is the music you are listening to all wrong? Or are you finding the hard rain killing the motivation on your run? Do you dislike a specific section or exercise of your regular routine? Whatever it is that is draining you, turn it around and use your weakness to become your strength. You are stronger than any excuse so keep going!


Do You Have Pain in Your Muscles?

human action, clothing, human positions, sitting, muscle, If your back hurts, it could very well be the lack of form you have in your workout. Or maybe the pounding from the jumping exercises are wreaking havoc on your knees? Whatever reason you are feeling pain, it is important to identify and fix this. Correct your form and march on, if possible. Or take a break to tune in to just what your body is telling you!


Is It a Mental Thing?

clothing, leg, undergarment, muscle, thigh, Negative thoughts can kill your motivation and have you ready to throw in the towel. Before you bail, turn that frown upside down and just believe. Know that with hard work you can accomplish anything and keep your head up high. Having confidence is more than half the battle and pushing through is the rest!

So ask yourself these questions before you bail and just try to push through your thoughts of giving up. You can do anything you set your mind, heart and a little sweat to!

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