7 Real Cross Fit Enthusiasts You Should Be Amazed by ...


Are you familiar with Crossfit? Crossfit is a strength and conditioning fitness program that brings you back to basics. It combines aerobic exercise, body weight-bearing moves, and weightlifting into various programs to improve your fitness level. Crossfit classes were created to work with all levels so everyone can exercise based on how fit they are. What does that mean? It means that crossfit is for anyone who has the desire to dedicate themselves to a workout plan, regardless of age or fitness level. Be amazed by the dedication of these real crossfit enthusiasts and you will see just why they do what they do:

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Kayli Ann Phillips

Baby beast is nothing of a baby with her 5 foot 9 fit, strong and unstoppable figure. Just follow her on Instagram and check out her videos to see real life strength and dedication to overcoming obstacles and being just all that she can be. Do you have what it takes to step to the challenge? Or should I say lift to the challenge?


Brooke Wells

Brooke is another super crossfit athlete, involved in competitions and a true superstar of the sport. Just follow along to her video noting her amazing fitness level. She dedicates herself to a solid exercise plan because she knows she has what it takes. Do you have what it takes?


Rita Benavidez

Rita is another example of powerful amazing women of crossfit. Check out the video of her inspiring dedication. The most amazing part of the video is the strength she demonstrates when she climbs up the rope. Just wow! This may be just the motivation you need to start on your fitness journey!


Emily Breeze

Life is anything but a breeze for Crossfit Games athlete Emily Breeze as she works hard on a daily basis exercising. Check out the crossfit workout she uses to build strength and endurance. Even if you are not involved in crossfit, you will be in awe as you watch this video. This shows just how you can reach your goals to be strong and shape.


Brooke Ence

Check out Brooke Ence for crossfit workouts that are sure to inspire you. Brooke works hard in this video with form and based on her body she probably eats super healthy. Most crossfit athletes follow a paleo diet with low carbs or no carbs at all. They eat clean and see super results for this reason!


Miranda Oldroyd

Miranda is definitely not a lazy lady. Just check her out on the rings and you will be in awe of her strength. There are so many crossfit women competitors that are dedicated to sports training. Most were serious athletes in the past and later in life reclaimed their passion. Watch Miranda in her video and you can see her passion of athletic perfection. And I bet her health markers show this as well. Not malnourished but healthy, strong and beautiful. Does this inspire you?


Kristen Graham

Be stronger than your strongest excuse is her motto and watching this video, one can see this is exactly what she believes. She works super hard in the gym and sticks to proper form. You get out what you put in so it is important to go slow and steady. If you perform your exercises the proper way, you will see your results reflect just this!

So with these real life crossfit women, are you ready to lift to challenge of poise, strength and passion? Then step to it, starting today!

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